Beware of False Prophets (con’t)

Almost two weeks ago we began talking about the End of Times and false prophets.  Today’s post will be closely related to Beware of False Prophets, so please check it out if you haven’t already done so. In said previous post, I equated King Belshazzar’s usage of the Jews sacred cups for his own personal use to Satan using a sacred person to carry out his … Continue reading Beware of False Prophets (con’t)

Characteristics and Qualifications of the AntiChrist

Last Monday, we began to look at the signs of Jesus’ return and false prophets.  As promised (a week later) we will now take a closer look at The False Prophet and The Antichrist. Yesterday, I got stuck in my writing because I was trying to determine if the First Seal or the signing of the treaty with Israel (Daniel 9) happens first.  Most theologians … Continue reading Characteristics and Qualifications of the AntiChrist