Scrutiny of “the Church” and Christianity is running rampant.  Christians are rapidly turning on fellow brothers and sisters.  Even in my own Bible Study class, it seems we all have a different view of sin.  I’m not talking about those who don’t know the Lord, but the sin among believers. Are we always going to be sinners? Does God expect us to sin? Is it possible to … Continue reading

Our Response Matters

Refugees….all over the news…all over your Facebook Page…all over all social media. We can’t seem to escape the topic. So, why add it to it? We all have a voice……and we need to use it. This is yet another issue dividing our country, and worse yet, dividing Christians.  Sometimes it seems Satan doesn’t have to work that hard when we are so willing to do … Continue reading Our Response Matters

When Christians Attack….Eachother

This whole “Red Cup” debate has me hiding my face, but not for the obvious reasons.  I am not ashamed of being a Christian.  I will never be ashamed of following Christ, but I am greatly disappointed in some actions and words of my fellow brothers and sisters. I do not care what side of the line you are on.  I, personally, do not agree … Continue reading When Christians Attack….Eachother

While We Were Sleeping Reblog

As promised, over the next few weeks I will be reblogging the “While We Were Sleeping” series.  I believe it was a powerful season with much needed information, but do to my fears of being contacted from several Muslims on my personal accounts, I shut down the series without finishing it.  As I have recently learned through the Book of Daniel, we must always go … Continue reading While We Were Sleeping Reblog

Beware of False Prophets (con’t)

Almost two weeks ago we began talking about the End of Times and false prophets.  Today’s post will be closely related to Beware of False Prophets, so please check it out if you haven’t already done so. In said previous post, I equated King Belshazzar’s usage of the Jews sacred cups for his own personal use to Satan using a sacred person to carry out his … Continue reading Beware of False Prophets (con’t)

Characteristics and Qualifications of the AntiChrist

Last Monday, we began to look at the signs of Jesus’ return and false prophets.  As promised (a week later) we will now take a closer look at The False Prophet and The Antichrist. Yesterday, I got stuck in my writing because I was trying to determine if the First Seal or the signing of the treaty with Israel (Daniel 9) happens first.  Most theologians … Continue reading Characteristics and Qualifications of the AntiChrist

What to Expect When We are Expecting: A Timeline for the End of Times

I know I am very late with this post.  I apologize, but, man, there is a lot of information to sort through.  I also came to the conclusion that in order to do this topic justice, it would take a little more time and space than originally allotted.  So, at the very least, this will be a three part series. Okay, here goes nothing…. First off, … Continue reading What to Expect When We are Expecting: A Timeline for the End of Times

Beware of False Prophets

Today is the start to my most controversial topic to date.  (Considering some of my previous posts that is surely saying something.) Just to warn you, due to time and space, this will be a two-parter. Last Tuesday I wrote about King Belshazzar.  He was a king who was  brought down (once again) by pride, arrogance, the refusal to acknowledge God as the ultimate authority, and the … Continue reading Beware of False Prophets