Holy Week: Day 6: Good Friday

What is so good about this Friday in history…the most, undoubtedly, shameful Friday in all of history?  Well, of course, it is the day that Jesus Christ gave his life up for us so that we all could stand in right standing with God.  Without the blood covering of Christ, we could not have a relationship with God or eternal salvation.  God’s character is such that He cannot and will not ever condone sin and we all have sinned.  Jesus came to make us righteous…but he did more than that…..he came to free us from sin.  A fact many of us have forgotten.

For me, at times, it feels as if we, in America, are repeating this story.  We are shouting…”give us Barabbas……crucify Him,” all over again.   We want a powerful king, someone who will step in and save the day, not a humble man who gets crucified.  Some of us want to have Jesus, but we want to have Him in private; after all, my relationship with God is my business.  We want to have Christ in the sense we want the salvation He offers, but we don’t want it to cost us anything.  We want Jesus, but we want to keep our sins.

Good news….bad news (for some)……when we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we join Him in His death and resurrection.  Meaning we too now have died to sin and have the power to overcome.  Now, we all know this does not mean we all stop sinning.  Yes, we do have the power not to, but I venture to say all, at times, have failed to use that power.  Does that mean we lose our salvation?  Of course not.  According to the Book of Romans (and others) we cannot sin away our salvation.  But, I will also venture to say, that when we do sin after accepting Jesus Christ, it is not the same as before; we don’t tend to enjoy our sin; we are convicted by it.  Does that necessarily lead to repentance by all?  Maybe not right away, but eventually God will bring us to our knees.

My sins….this is what is on my mind and heart today as I reflect on what Jesus went through in His final hours.  Yes, Jesus did what was necessary….Jesus did what He was called to do…….but it didn’t make it easy…..it didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.  Do we really appreciate what He did or have we become numb to it?  We, Americans, have such a sense of entitlement, I can’t help but wonder if we truly appreciate what Jesus has done or if we just take our free gift of salvation for granted.

The children’s song, “If Your Happy and You Love Jesus” is like background noise in my head right now….I keep hearing….”If your happy and you love Jesus, then your life will surely show it.”  So, I am asking you….Does your life show that you love Jesus and you appreciate the free gift of salvation and the power to overcome sin?

Are you trying to walk in the ways of the Lord?

When you do sin, do you repent?

Are you enjoying your sin or are you actively trying to overcome?

But…oh, how I love when Jesus works on my heart….don’t also forget that through his death our sins have been washed as white as snow.  With the blood of Christ our sins have been erased…so don’t beat your self up over past sins…just start to let your life show your appreciation of His sacrifice.

This Good Friday, I am choosing to rejoice!!!

Thank you Jesus!  Thank you for your sacrifice!  Thank you for washing me white as snow!


2 thoughts on “Holy Week: Day 6: Good Friday

  1. “We, Americans, have such a sense of entitlement,” So true, Missy. Too many today respond to Jesus like the rich young man.
    As for me, I am thankful for His gift.
    As for me, I desire to know and love Him more each day and to allow the Spirit to work in me.
    As for me…Joshua 24:15 – and I know it’s true for you, too.

    1. Thank you Susan for sharing. Honestly, thankfulness does not come easily for me, but prayerfully it will get easier as I purposefully put it into action each and every day.

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