Get Out of the Boat

Out of all the disciples, I probably love Peter the most.  Peter was certainly flawed, yet God used him because he was willing to step out of that boat when Jesus called.  Sadly, today, too many of us are still sitting in our boats or, better, yet, our parked cars.

Today, I want us to ask ourselves am I willing to step out of my boat (put my car in drive) and begin living out my purpose.

Many of us are still asking and seeking God for our “purpose,” meaning what specifically am I here on the earth to accomplish?  While this is a good question, I think we have put too much emphasis on looking for some spectacular, important purpose rather than how we can love and serve God every day. It is true: we all have an assignment, we all have a job to do, but I believe we are all here for the same purpose, to live out our faith on earth while loving God and other, being the hands and feet of Jesus, and obeying God’s Word while building His kingdom.   I believe the question we should be asking is:

How am I to live out my purpose?

Yesterday I shared my belief that you find how to live out your purpose through serving where you are planted and allowing God to develop your character.  Yes, it takes time and work.  There is no shortcut, no quick fix. [Yes, Holy Spirit works miraculously in our lives and I am not trying to undermine him…but we have responsibilities as well.]

Serve where you are planted.

Seems simple enough, but, as many of you can probably testify to, finding your serving niche can be a challenge in and of itself.  Some of us have so many talents and interest, we simply just cannot choose which area we want to serve.  So, we either take on too much or we don’t move at all.  Those of us not so fortunate in abundance of talents, have a hard time finding anything we can do to serve God.

Sometimes we have to serve where we are needed.  It might not be in area we are good at; it might not be in area that brings us much joy.  However, we all know that this is needed…at least for a season.  You see, when we continue to serve in an area that is not right for us, over time, we lose our joy for serving the Lord and we can even become resentful.  Somehow we have got it in our heads that in order to for it to be “service,” we should not enjoy it.  However, I do not believe that is what God had in mind.    We are to have passion in serving the Lord and what better way is there than using something you love to serve Him?

Today, I want to share a little “how-to” from Joyce Meyer’s book I Dare You.  I found it very helpful in finding a way to use some of the talents (what little I do have) and things you love to do to serve Him and enjoy doing it.  Now, don’t get wrong:  This is not a how-to guide to finding what God’s assignment is for you, but rather a way to start serving and see where God takes you.

  1.  Name some things you do well;
  2. Name three things you enjoy doing;
  3. How can I use these things to serve God;

It seems oversimplified, but it works.  You may already have a ministry that will fit your niche in your church or area, but you may have to start your own.  Whatever the case, let me just ask you, are you willing to step out of the boat and trust God to lead you where you need to go?

At the time I did this little exercise, I had accidentally discovered I was kind of good at photography and I enjoyed doing it.  In a very little amount of time, I was able to start a new ministry in which I take senior pictures and such for a donation towards my daughter’s mission trips or another charitable cause.  No donation is required as I felt God calling me just to bless people.  I am not a professional photographer, and do not intend to be, but I found a way to use something I love to serve God.

How can you use something you love to serve God?



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