We Cannot Drive a Parked Car

What if I told you I could help you find your God-given purpose?

Would you believe me?

Nah, I wouldn’t either….and with good cause.

I don’t believe there is a test (man I hate those gifts of service test…I get administration every single time) or a book that can lead you to your purpose.  God is the only one who can reveal our purpose, and I believe it comes over time as we serve and develop character.

But that does not mean we sit back and do nothing until God brings us some kind of great reveal.  Nothing frustrates me more than a purposeless Christian.  We were meant to live this life with passion…and sometimes it takes work to develop that passion and find our purpose.   Too many of us are waiting for God to wave his magical wand or wait for Holy Spirit to do some miraculous work and we are forgetting to use what God has already given us.  Yes, God has a purpose for each of us, but until we get there we need to simply serve where we are planted and simply use what talents we have be given at this moment.  God will then build on that, leading us to our true purpose.

We cannot drive a parked car!!!! (Joyce Meyer)

Think about this for a second.  Are you using the talents you have right now to serve God and others?  Or are you simply living your life waiting…and waiting…and waiting?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we shouldn’t take time to pray, ask God for guidance, or move ahead of God….I’m just asking that we still serve while we are waiting…and maybe, just maybe, God will use that to lead us to our purpose.

We need to stop looking at big goals and start allowing God to work in our everyday tasks.  After all, great things are accomplished by doing a lot of smaller things first.

Let us look at the following examples we have been given in our Bible (our instruction book):

-Moses had a rod used to guide his flock.  God filled the rod with His power and Moses used the rod to part the Red Sea.

-Ruth used her hands to glean wheat from Boaz’s field.  This was not a job she had to do, but chose to do.  She could have returned to her hometown, but she chose to stay and serve Naomi.  God used and ordinary chore to do great things.

-Jael was an ordinary woman of God who helped deliver the Israelites by killing one of their enemies using what she had in her hand, a tent-peg and a hammer.

-An unnamed woman used a millstone to kill Abimelech.  Why?  It was the only thing she had.

-Deborah used her influence/position to change the future for the Jews.

We all have something God can use, we just have to be willing to be used.  After all, it is not what we have in our hands that get the job done, but rather God’s power filling what we do have in our hand.

Stop concentrating on what you cannot do and just do what you can.

If you can’t feed 100 people, just feed one.-Mother Teresa

Next time, we will look at practical tips for finding how you can serve others in the here and now.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,



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