Our Response Matters

Refugees….all over the news…all over your Facebook Page…all over all social media.

We can’t seem to escape the topic.

So, why add it to it?

We all have a voice……and we need to use it.

This is yet another issue dividing our country, and worse yet, dividing Christians.  Sometimes it seems Satan doesn’t have to work that hard when we are so willing to do his work for him.

It is okay to disagree, just so long as we don’t allow our differences come between us and the purpose God has for us.

Below is a link to an excellent, and I mean excellent, article written about the current refugee crisis and the response of Christians.  Please read as this heavily relates to the rest of this post.

Building His Church in a Refugee Crisis

Let me be clear: I am not a big supporter of bringing over refugees without a better security system in place.  However, my beliefs in no way takes away from the  powerful message of this article.

You see, whatever is going on, it is God’s plan.  It may be the beginnings of Revelation being played out or it may, in deed, be answered prayer for reaching the Muslim community for Christ.  But no matter where you stand on the “whys”, our job, as Christians, remains the same.  WE ARE TO BE THE HANDS AND FEET OF JESUS AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS.

It doesn’t matter if we want the refugees here or we disagree with the politics behind it; we have a job to do: LOVE and spread the gospel.  They are coming no matter how we feel and, once again, no matter what we believe is the reason why they are here, IT IS GOD’S PLAN.

I personally believe the former over the latter.  For arguments sake, let’s say I am right, it is the beginning of Revelation.  Our job is still to lead as many people to Jesus Christ as we possibly can before Christ returns.  Do you see how our job remains the same either way?

Does that mean we have to stay silent?  No.  Does that mean we can’t express our unhappiness with Obama and his total disregard of the dangers behind Islam?  No.  President Obama’s obvious biases totally drives me insane, but should I allow his behavior dictate mine?  Nor should we allow the name calling and bigotry shown towards us to stop us from speaking up and standing for Christ.  But we do need to be careful how we treat the Muslim community.  Yes, I know that the world cries “hate” too easily.  The good news is that we don’t answer to the world, we answer to God.  Here is the test I use to determine if I should say what I want to say.  It is something Pastor Cathy said to me a few months ago.

Would I do or say this if Jesus was present?

Oversimplified?  Maybe, but it works for me.

My friends who walk a little to the left, please here me now.  I do believe Islam is highly connected to ISIS.  I have spent countless hours researching the Islamic religion.  I know the dangers.  Yes, I believe our country’s leaders are purposefully ignoring the dangers.  I am not saying this out of fear.  I do not fear because I know God is in control.  Our country has spent a lot of money studying natural disasters because we understand their dangers and we want to save lives, homes, and money.  This is no different.  To ignore the dangers of bringing in numerous Muslims, without sufficient security measures is just ignorant.  I am tired of being called stupid and uneducated because I disagree with the politics behind this refugee crisis.  I am educated on the Islamic religion…are you?

However, my stance on the politics behind the refugee crisis doesn’t change the fact that I am to care, give aid, and support those same refugees.  I can do that through the power of Holy Spirit.  I can do that by looking at everyone through the eyes of Jesus Christ.  Could that bring danger?  Yes, but following Jesus usually does.

As always, be blessed and be a blessing,


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