Our Response Matters

Refugees….all over the news…all over your Facebook Page…all over all social media. We can’t seem to escape the topic. So, why add it to it? We all have a voice……and we need to use it. This is yet another issue dividing our country, and worse yet, dividing Christians.  Sometimes it seems Satan doesn’t have to work that hard when we are so willing to do … Continue reading Our Response Matters

When Christians Attack….Eachother

This whole “Red Cup” debate has me hiding my face, but not for the obvious reasons.  I am not ashamed of being a Christian.  I will never be ashamed of following Christ, but I am greatly disappointed in some actions and words of my fellow brothers and sisters. I do not care what side of the line you are on.  I, personally, do not agree … Continue reading When Christians Attack….Eachother

The Importance of Matthew 25:31-36

I am sure my blog and readers are feeling pretty neglected lately.  I thought this year would be the year I would really focus on my blog and it seems the exact opposite has happened. That being said, I am currently working on a new ministry that will start-up in January called Sister Christians.  The ministry will include a blog, written by several women with … Continue reading The Importance of Matthew 25:31-36

While We Were Sleeping Reblog #5 (Abraham the Father of Islam?)

I struggled with whether or not I should reblog this particular post.  It was one that caused great confusion and, honestly, I am not sure it is 100% correct.  However, I don’t think we can get a complete and accurate picture of the Muslim religion without it. I have decided to share it, but it has been edited and greatly shortened. Let me start off by … Continue reading While We Were Sleeping Reblog #5 (Abraham the Father of Islam?)