Don’t Let Ignorance Dictate Your Fate

Yesterday I shared with you the importance of studying Scripture because all Scripture was “written for our learning.”

In school we were taught that is was important to study history because “whoever doesn’t learn from the past is doomed to repeat it.”

Well, Biblical history is no different.

Have you ever heard the term….the writings on the wall?  Well, today, I think that phrase will have a whole new meaning for you.

We are in Daniel 5, but we are still kicking it kid’s style with

Just think, even the most mighty king is nothing compared to God. King Nebuchadnezzar finally learned that. He finally learned that God has power over all things, and that whatever power King Nebuchadnezzar had, it wasn’t his own doing. God gave it to him.

Too bad his son didn’t learn anything from his dad.

King Nebuchadnezzar died, and his son Belshazzar became king. He thought he was pretty hot stuff. Well, he was. He had just inherited the richest, the mightiest, the most glorious kingdom in the whole world. And he was in charge. He could do whatever he pleased. He could have whatever he wanted.

And so King Belshazzar decided to have a great feast to celebrate just how wonderful he was. He invited a thousand of all the most important people in Babylon.

It must have been a wild party. King Belshazzar began drinking wine. He drank too much wine, and he lost all his sense.

He brought out the sacred pitchers and cups of gold and silver that his father had taken from God’s temple in Jerusalem. He and his guests drank wine from them with no thought at all that these were God’s holy vessels.

The king and his guests were laughing too loudly, singing too badly, and falling all over themselves. They bowed to statues of gold and silver, bronze and iron and wood, and thanked them for making them so great and wonderful.

Right then, in the middle of King Belshazzar’s wild party, a human hand appeared out of nowhere. It wasn’t attached to a body. And it began to write on the wall of the royal banquet hall.

The whole hall went quiet.

The only sound was the sound of a finger scratching giant letters into the plaster wall.

King Belshazzar was terrified.

His face turned white. And he began to shake all over, so that even his knees were knocking together.


The party was over.

The magicians, sorcerers, and wisemen came before the king, and the king said, “Tell me what this writing means! Whoever can tell me what it means, I will put a gold chain around his neck, a purple robe on his back, and I will make him the third most powerful man in all of Babylon.”

Well, of course the magicians, sorcerers, and wisemen didn’t know what the writing on the wall meant. Only God knew.

Now, the queen heard all of this, and she came to the king and said, “O King! May you live forever! Don’t be afraid. Remember back in the days of Nebuchadnezzar your father. There was a man who had great wisdom and understanding, the power to answer riddles and to solve puzzles – and he could tell the meaning of dreams. His name is Daniel.”

“Bring me this Daniel!” commanded the king.

And so, once again, Daniel came before the king of Babylon.

“I have called my magicians, sorcerers, and wisemen to tell me the meaning of this writing on the wall, but they can’t do it. I will put a gold chain around your neck, a purple robe on your back, and I will make you the third most powerful man in all of Babylon, if you can tell me the meaning of the writing on the wall”

Daniel said, “You can keep your gold chain and your purple robe. But so that you will know that there is a God in heaven, and that he has power over all things, I will tell you what the writing on the wall means.

“O king, the Most High God made your father Nebuchadnezzar a great and mighty king. All the people in the world feared him because his power was so great. He could do whatever he pleased, and take whatever he wanted.

“But your father became proud. He started to think, ‘How great and wonderful I am!’ And so the Most High God took away your father’s power, and he made him live like an animal. After seven years, your father finally understood that God is King over all things, and he can give power to whomever he wants.

“But you, King Belshazzar, have not learned from your father.

“You think you are so great. You think no one can tell you what you can do and what you can’t do. And so you insulted God by using his sacred vessels for your drunken party. You bowed before statues of gold and silver, bronze and iron and wood. These statues cannot see, they cannot hear. They can do nothing for you at all. But you couldn’t even take a breath without God, and you do not praise or honor him.

“So the Almighty God has sent you this message…


“And this is what it means. MENE means that God has counted out the number of days you will be king, and they are over. TEKEL means that God has tested you, and you have not passed the test. And PARSIN means your kingdom will be divided, and given to the Medes and the Persians.”

Well, at least King Belshazzar was true to his word. He put a chain of gold around Daniel’s neck, and a purple robe on his back, and made him the third most powerful man in all of Babylon.

And that very night, King Belshazzar died.

King Belshazzar did not learn from his father’s mistakes and it not only cost him his kingdom, it cost him his life.

Yesterday I said that I thought God gave us these scriptures so that we could learn, but I also thought it was a warning to us.  If we act and behave just as these people did, we too will be doomed to the same fate.

Furthermore, I went on to add that I thought America could possibly be King Nebuchadnezzar in the story in that America will be brought down for a time, but then we will face a great revival.

Now, with this story, the part I added at the end ….at least for a time…..becomes important.

You see, I believe America will see a revival, but we must always remember “the writings on the wall” already, and therefore, the things prophesied about the end of times will come to pass.

There will be a time when America is brought down for good.  There will be a times when hearts are hardened to Christianity and Christians everywhere will be persecuted.  There will be a time where wickedness prevails.  But there will also be a time when Jesus returns.  There will also be a time when Jesus collects His church.  There will be a time when all those who oppose and don’t call on the name of Jesus will be sent to the Lake of Fire.

People it doesn’t take a genius to see a lot of these things are coming to pass.  It is imperative that we are ready.  It is imperative that we get as many people as we can ready.  Yes, it is hard in today’s times to get people to church.  But people don’t have to be in church to get Jesus.  We are going to have to do better about being Jesus outside the church.  We are going to have to have the power of the Holy Spirit because no one comes to Jesus without Him.

There are many in the church who don’t fully understand the power of Holy Spirit.  I realize there are doctrine issues and some are just not willing to cross any lines.  Today, I am asking you to seek God on this issue.  Seek Him honestly and fervently.  Don’t let past teaching , alliances, and loyalties keep you from knowing and having the full power of Holy Spirit.  For around 6 months this was my prayer…”Lord, if this Holy Spirit stuff is real, I want it.  Please reveal the truth to me.  I want to be the woman you made me to be, so give me everything I need, equip me Lord.”

I got my answer.  I got a full awakening to the Holy Spirit and my life has never been the same.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,



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