The Atmosphere You Create

For Reblog Friday I have chosen one of my absolute favorite bloggers and blog: Marybeth and Life In Focus. She has an amazing God-given gift to teach and inspire.
I have been struggling this last week or so to live my beliefs in my home. This week my children heard me doubt God, saw me angry, and witnessed me loose control over my tongue. Our homes are where are ministry begins, and I am thankful for her encouragement.

Life in Focus


Balboa Island sits like a glistening jewel in Southern California’s Newport Harbor. Getting there involves a short drive across a bridge from the city of Newport Beach or a three -minute ferry ride from the Balboa Peninsula. The 126-acre island has been a popular place for the last century and is always abuzz with activity. People flock there year round to enjoy a variety of water activities, to stroll the perimeter walkway, to shop and to eat a famous “Balboa Bar” (chocolate dipped ice cream rolled in your choice of toppings).

Divided into 1,430 parcels of land, it has been carved up to hold as many people as possible. With real estate at a premium, the small beach shacks that once occupied the island have mostly been replaced by much grander homes. Although they are tightly packed together, they look beautiful lining the tidy streets. All garages are accessed from…

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