Have You Paid Your Toll?

I am not going to lie; right now I feel like a liar, a big fat liar, liar pants on fire.  I titled this blog, “Getting Real” because it was my intention to do just that.  However, in my quest not to write out of hurt or anger, I don’t feel like I’m very real.  But I’ll keep writing away, and  maybe when the time is right I will be able to share.

So forgive my vagueness.  I am not trying to be fake or elusive.  I  just do not want to make a bad situation worse.  I would appreciate prayers right now.  Strong, powerful prayer.  Stand in the gap for me my brothers and sisters.  Spiritual battles are real.

Anyway, there is something that got my eye this week.  Or should I say someone.  Kirk Cameron.  Now there is a guy who was willing to follow Christ at any cost.


80’s heart-throb, on his way to becoming someone great in Hollywood.  But gave it up because Hollywood didn’t meet his new-found standards, Biblical standards.

Now, some may say that this was easy for Kirk because he already had money.  But, let me ask you this, how much money do you think he gave up to follow Christ?  Not to mention the fame and adoration.  He filled the walls of many, many bedrooms in the 80’s; he had the beginnings of a film career…and he walked away.

In a society where money talks, Kirk Cameron walked.

Walked away from the world and toward Christ.

I don’t care what anyone says, that took courage; that took guts; that took a great leap of faith.

Would you have been able to make the same choice?

Don’t kid yourself. Following Christ comes with a price for all of us.  There is a toll fee.  Now, I am not talking salvation, I am talking being a disciple of Christ, a follower of Christ.  Salvation is free, but following and living out the Word of God comes with a price.

The question remains, are we willing to pay it?



One thought on “Have You Paid Your Toll?

  1. Great post. My guess is that too many of us, and I’m not excluding myself, would not be able to walk away like Cameron did.

    God bless,


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