How Homosexual Marriage Affects Me (Introduction Part 1)

Have you ever followed a kicking and screaming toddler with his or her parent in a grocery store?  Well, if you have, you would recognize the scene where God and I are at right now.  Yep, I am the kicking and screaming toddler that God is pulling along.  It is not a pretty picture.

I do not want to write this.  But, yet, I do not want to not write this.   Hmmm…..God, please, please, show up.

The title of this series came from several Facebook statuses I seen shortly after the recent Supreme Court ruling.  Those statuses (surprisingly) got me thinking…how does homosexual marriage affect me?  I know the statuses where poking fun at my religion, but, hey, God uses all things for His glory, right?

First of all, I have been asked a few times why I feel the need to write on homosexuality at all.  I have seriously asked my self the same question over and over again since God put it on my heart.  I mean honestly, wouldn’t I just be adding to all the white noise all around us?  Am I just stirring the pot and capitalizing on a way overblown issue?  What could I possibly say that the big-wigs ( well, at least the brave ones who actually have decided to voice their stand) haven’t already said?  Probably not a whole lot.  I am just an overweight housewife doing her best to have a relationship with her God and trying to become the person I was made to be.  Unfortunately, I was not made to sit on the sidelines.  I know my contribution won’t be much, but it will be all I have.

I have decided to start the series with letters to both sides.  Yes, I know there are more than two sides to this issue, but for the purpose of this series we will narrow it done to 1) Christians who oppose homosexuality; 2) Homosexuals and their supporters (Christian and non-Christian).  Yes, to some degree, these letters will serve as maps for this whole series.

Today, I will take the easy road and start with the letter to my fellow Christians who are opposed to homosexuality.  I am choosing to split it up for length’s sake.  I have been told time and time again that my blog is too long.  I lose people because it is too long.  When I shorten it up, I feel like I leave people hanging, but, oh well, I am sure the experts know more than me, so you’ll just have to dangle until next time…..

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It may not seem easy to be a Christian in America today, but rejoice now, because it is only going to get harder.  It is more important than ever to dig deep in the Word of God so that we will be able to stand with God and for God in these trying times.  However, in order to stand for God’s truth we must not only know and understand His word, but live out His Word. 

It is my belief that Christianity is struggling today because we, Christians, are failing to live out The Word of God.  As we learned from the Pharisees, God demands and expects more than lip service.  It is time to step up to the plate.  It all begins with us.  If we want “America” to repent and return to God, than the Church needs to repent and turn back to God.  We have to get off our soap boxes and start being Jesus to those around us. 

How can we determine who are God’s and who are not?

According to Matthew 25, those who know God and are followers of Jesus Christ will feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the naked, care for the sick, and minister to those in prisons (physical and spiritual).

Hmmm….maybe, just maybe it is way past time to stop preaching about Jesus and just get back to being Jesus.

Not to say the preaching the Word of God is not important…it is absolutely essential…..however, it must, MUST be accompanied by actions.

You may then be asking yourselves, “Why, then, are you writing about homosexuality?” 

Good question.

I am writing on the topic, not to give us more ammunition to go after those “sinners”, but rather to open our eyes up to our own sin .  You see, sexual immortality, which is just as deadly as homosexuality, is running rampant in our church, in our families, and in our lives.  Here we are preaching to homosexuals about their sins, when we are being strangled by our very own.  We are fighting for God’s definition of marriage, when we are not living out God’s definition of marriage in our own marriages.  If we want to change America, we need to first change ourselves.

Secondly, I am writing on this issue because our church seems to be divided over it.  We are stuck on question like:

Which is more important obedience or love? What does it really mean to love like Jesus?  Is it really all about that grace?

Thirdly, there is more behind the homosexual agenda than who a person sleeps with.  Religious liberty is seriously under attack and it is being disguised as equality.  Right now we have the freedom to speak God’s truths.  There are many places across the globe where this can’t happen.  There are people all over the world dying for their faith.  Don’t we owe it to them to speak while we can? 

Lastly, we have to get over the fact that our lives are about us…what makes us happy…what we want.  We must remember that when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior our lives were over.  We are know living for Christ and through Christ.  Our lives should be devoted to living out Christ’s will and leading others to the life saving knowledge of Him.  We can’t do this in our own strength, rather we can only do this through Holy Spirit, of whom we have virtually silenced in church today.

I pray that you will join us on this journey.  It is honestly one of the biggest steps of faith/in faith I have ever taken.  I ask for your prayers as well.  Be patient with me and decide ahead of time to agree to disagree as I am sure we will have different stands along the way.  Please do not let little differences in beliefs divide us even further.  Feel free to respectfully share your opinions as well.





2 thoughts on “How Homosexual Marriage Affects Me (Introduction Part 1)

    1. It very much affects and effects me and more importantly my children. I am very fortunate that where I live, this is yet to be a reality in our school system. I am sure it is coming. That is why I am very proactive in their education. Thank you for reading and commenting. I encourage you to keep reading the series and my stand will become much clearer. God bless!

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