Reblog Friday: Darkness to Light by Amie Cooper

It is Reblog Friday.  Today I would like to share a post from an old friend regarding sexual abuse and the Duggar Family posted on Blog Spot.  I know I normally stay away from controversial topics; okay, that is a lie; I love to take on controversial subjects.  Why?  Well, God helped me realize that not speaking is actually speaking.

In David Platt’s book Counter Culture, I was very much moved by the following statements:

Those issues are not my concern, they think.  I’m more comfortable talking about other issues.

But what if Christ commands us to make these issues our concern?  And what if Christ’s call in our lives is not to comfort in our culture?  What if Christ in us actually compels us to counter our culture?  Not to quietly sit and watch evolving culture trends and not to subtly shift our views amid changing culture ties, but to courageously share and show our convictions through what we say and how we live, even (or especially) when those convictions contradict the popular positions of our days.  And to do all of this not with conceited minds or calloused hearts, but with the humble compassion of Christ on constant display in everything we say and do.

I believe my friend Amie did this in her very honest and heartfelt blog post.  It is a beautiful peace written by a a pastor’s  wife, adoptive mom/foster mom,  and social worker who has personally investigated over 100 cases of sexual abuse. It is well worth your time and a great read!

Darkness to Light by Amie Cooper

Before I begin this blog, I want to clearly state that all suspicion of child abuse or neglect should be reported to the authorities on every occasion. If you don’t know the local child abuse hotline number for where you live, please call 911 and report to law enforcement.First of all, let me clarify that this post is not primarily about Josh Duggar, his parents, or his alleged victims. This post is primarily about families who have been affected by sexual abuse, and we are everywhere you look. Yes, we are everywhere you look. I do not intend to give specifics to the public regarding the sexual abuse within my family, but I will say that it has affected me personally both as a child and a mother. It has also affected those in my extended family, many close friends, and my church.Beyond that, I have professionally investigated over a hundred claims of sexual abuse of children and worked with at least twenty families affected by interfamilial child on child sexual abuse. In my present job, I advocate for adults to open their homes to children who have experienced sexual abuse both as victims and perpetrators. So let me make this very clear: sexual abuse within families is not rare!When you fill my news feed with your personal opinions, they affect me personally. They affect so many of the people you love and respect personally. I have been silent on this public outrage regarding the Duggar family’s experience, carefully considering how to respond. Many will remain silent on this topic, fearing your judgment on their private struggle. You have no idea which of your co-workers, friends, or even family members are silently grieving the public ruin of this family. Out of respect for those whom they love; who they wouldn’t dare expose to the public their very private experience of sexual abuse. Blaming the parents for the actions of a child, who clearly acted outside of the moral guidance they provided, is absurd. Accusing them of failing their daughters is appalling.

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Have a great weekend.

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