“You’re My Person”


Yes, I have a person.

The reference is sincerely making me chuckle for a number of reasons.  First of all, my “person” won’t even get the reference because she has probably never watched one episode of Grey’s Anatomy.   Second of all, it is hardly a reference a good Christian woman and blogger should be using considering the content of the show. [Let me set the record straight, I was a big fan of the show before God convicted me regarding how I spent my time and my source of entertainment.]  Thirdly, this topic seems like a ridiculous one to choose considering I have been mysteriously absent from the blogging world for like 7 or 8 weeks.

Well, I didn’t choose it.  God did.  So take it up with Him.  Lol.  [Remember last week when I foretold of my return, I did promise to return to a blog that was more me.  I meant it.}

Anyway, I have a person.  Her name is Connie.

connie 2

Awe, she is a beautiful woman, but she is so much more than that.  She is a woman who is in love with her husband, her family, but more importantly her Lord.  She is my first phone call when something goes wrong (next to my husband of course) .  Why?  Because I know she will be there in any way I need her.  Whether it is a stop at the emergency room, a call to care for my children for a few days(because we are in the hospital with another), a cry for help with painting a room or two or three (or even the same room more than once), a shoulder to cry on, a prayer partner need, or just someone to tell me to “tuck it back in my crazy is showing,”  I know she will answer the need because she is “my person.”

Connie 3

These last few weeks have been crazy ones for me.  I just had two of my three daughters graduate from high school.  This was my first “graduation” experience and I was overwhelmed by the amount of work to be done.  But I knew it was going to all work out because I had a “person” who would help me every step of the way.

oh 2 oh 3 oh 4 oh

And help me she did.  I don’t know if you can see the clock on the wall in some of those pics.  But, let me just point out that the clocks reads 12:35 A.M.  Yes, that is right, we were there till 12:30 in the morning decorating.  And while I was at graduation at 10 A.M. the next morning, my “person” was finishing the last touches to the open house and getting all the food ready.  She spent the whole open housing serving food and making sure everything was done that needed done so that I could greet our guests.  She did all this without being asked.  Because that is the kind of friend she is; that is the kind of woman she is; that is the kind of sister in Christ she is.

I want to take the time to not only thank her (which I have done privately) but be thankful for her.  I know that not everybody is blessed to have such an amazing friendship.  Sometimes I get frustrated with God because some things in my life have not been or are easy.  There are some family relationships that I wish were different.  There are times I feel my husband and I are very much alone.  Then I am reminded of the friendships I have been blessed with and the family I have been given through my church relationships.  These are blessings I sometimes take for granted.

I don’t want to take Connie for granted.  We know how blessed we are to have a great friendship and we work very hard to protect it.  You know how they say our friends are family by choice but not blood?  Well, that is not true for Connie and I.  Out of all the friendships I have, I will say this without doubt, Connie and I are friends and family by blood.  We are together solely because of the blood of Jesus Christ.

person 3

I chose the picture above because of the title, “shut up, I’m your person.”  You see, my friendship with Connie wasn’t a choice; it was God’s design.  Neither one of us chose it, God chose it.  Connie and I weren’t what you call “fast friends.”  It is very  hard for two insecure and bossy women to be friends.  To make matters worse, we have similar giftings when it comes to administrative work, so it seemed we were always stepping on each other’s toes.  But our husbands wanted to be friends.  Worse still, our husbands wanted to be in a band together; they wanted us all to be in a band together.  We had to find a way to become friends.  We had to find a way to make it work.  We struggled with our relationship for a year or two.  It came to a point where it was “do or die” so to speak.  We were both ready to walk away, yet we couldn’t.  God wouldn’t let us.  Deep down we knew God was drawing us closer to Him and towards each other.  Then one night we stood before God and aired everything out.  We left nothing in the closet.  We aired our fears, secrets, hurt feelings, all of it and we left nothing for Satan to use as a foothold.

Above I mentioned that Connie and I work hard to protect our friendship.  We have to because we know God has called to minister together (we may not know what that exactly looks like yet and I still pray that she will eventually join me here…hint..hint) , yet we also recognize that  Satan will do anything he can to stop us.  So we  purposely talk very openly about our feelings and as soon as one of us recognizes a potential strong hold, we shut it down immediately.


Why am I sharing this with you all?  I believe  our story is to encourage someone today.  I believe our story is made to help two people who are struggling with a friendship.  Our story is to show someone that just because it doesn’t come easy, doesn’t mean it is not from God.  Both Connie and grew spiritually during our struggles, but our rough road to friendship also taught us about strong holds and spiritual warfare. Furthermore, it is a reminder to be thankful for the relationships we have been blessed with.  Don’t waste today thinking about things you don’t have and be grateful for the things and relationships you do have.

I pray my daughters each find there “person.”  I pray a “person” for each and every one of you as well.  If you already have a “person” make sure you let them know today just how grateful you are for them.

Thank you Connie for being  “my person” and being the answer to many prayers.

connie 4


[Please note that when I refer to Connie as my best friend or my “person”, this of course means, next to my husband (next to my husband she is my best friend..next to my husband she is my first phone call).  Just thought I should clarify..lol.]

Be blessed and be a blessing,


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