Thank God that I Am Not God

For those of you who don’t live close to Indiana, there has been great controversy here in the Hoosier state.  Facebook has been flooded with comments on both sides of the fight, many without doing any research of their own.  Indiana’s governor has recently signed our own “religious freedom” bill.  Are we the first state to do this?  No, we are like the 3oth!

So, what is the big controversy?

SMH…..I don’t know.

Why is Indiana different from the thirty other states who have passed the same bill?  Evidently, if you read my Facebook page, it is because Indiana is full of bigoted people who hate gay people.

Hmmmm and your worried about me discriminating against people?

Evidently Indiana is the only state that would take this law to mean that a gay person could be denied service at a restaurant or refused medical treatment.  Seriously people?

Illinois has had this law for awhile now.  Have you heard of cases where gays were denied any services?  Any of the horror stories they say are going to happen now in Indiana happen in Illinois?

Here’s what the law really means.

…..Despite all the rhetoric — the bill has little to do with same-sex marriage and everything to do with religious freedom.

The bill would establish a general legal standard, the “compelling interest” test, for evaluating laws and governmental practices that impose substantial burdens on the exercise of religion. This same test already governs federal law under the federal RFRA, which was signed into law by President Bill Clinton. And some 30 states have adopted the same standard, either under state-law RFRAs or as a matter of state constitutional law.

Applying this test, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that a Muslim prisoner was free to practice his faith by wearing a half-inch beard that posed no risk to prison security. Likewise, in a 2012 decision, a court ruled that the Pennsylvania RFRA protected the outreach ministry of a group of Philadelphia churches, ruling that the city could not bar them from feeding homeless individuals in the city parks.

….this same general approach will govern religious freedom claims of all sorts, thus protecting religious believers of all faiths by granting them precisely the same consideration.

But granting religious believers legal consideration does not mean that their religious objections will always be upheld. And this brings us to the issue of same-sex marriage.

Under the Indiana RFRA, those who provide creative services for weddings, such as photographers, florists or bakers, could claim that religious freedom protects them from local nondiscrimination laws. Like other religious objectors, they would have their day in court, as they should, permitting them to argue that the government is improperly requiring them to violate their religion by participating (in their view) in a celebration that their religion does not allow.

But courts generally have ruled that the government has a compelling interest in preventing discrimination and that this interest precludes the recognition of religious exceptions. Even in the narrow setting of wedding-service providers, claims for religious exemptions recently have been rejected in various states, including states that have adopted the RFRA test. A court could rule otherwise, protecting religious freedom in this distinctive context. But to date, none has.

In any event, most religious freedom claims have nothing to do with same-sex marriage or discrimination. The proposed Indiana RFRA would provide valuable guidance to Indiana courts, directing them to balance religious freedom against competing interests under the same legal standard that applies throughout most of the land. It is anything but a “license to discriminate,” and it should not be mischaracterized or dismissed on that basis.

Further more,Gen Con, threatened to pull its convention from Indiana if this bill was passed.  Hmm.. at the very least this sounds like a big form of bullying to me, or an act of a desperate boy who is going to take his ball home if he doesn’t get his way.  And we are okay with this?  We talk all the time how money talks, and we don’t like it, but in this one instance it is okay because this man follows your agenda?  And Christians are the hypocrites?

Under Indiana’s religious freedom law, not one Gen Con attendee (gay, transgender, cross-dressing) could be denied a seat at a lunch counter by that mythical boogeyman – the Christian bigot burger-maker with his “gaydar” fully activated. That’s not what this law does.

Instead, it protects a private business owner (who might be gay themselves) from being coerced by the power of government to act in a manner incompatible with their deeply held religious convictions. In other words, it protects the Jewish sign maker from being forced by the state to make pro-Nazi placards for the next skinhead convention.

Further, supposing Gen Con decided to leave Indy in another five years, where would they go? Chicago? Illinois has an identical religious freedom law, as do seven of the top 10 convention cities in the nation as ranked by Cvent, the world’s “leading authority on strategic meetings .”

Yes, I get angrier as this post goes on.  I get angry because these gay rights supporters call foul every time they feel even the slightest hint of discrimination, yet they are okay with us having no religious protection whatsoever.  Despite this country was founded on religious freedom. (Notice I did not say Christian values, but religious freedom….try to deny that one.)

Here’s where God Smacked me.  And he smacked me hard.

Yesterday, when reading all this negative crap on Facebook about Christians this and Christians that I became angry.  I was angry at them….and wait for it…..I got angry with God.

I kept thinking, “Why do you allow this God?  Why do you let them mock you and mock us?

Immediately I was hit with this scripture.

Matthew 27: 38-44:

38 Two rebels were crucified with him, one on his right and one on his left.39 Those who passed by hurled insults at him, shaking their heads 40 and saying, “You who are going to destroy the temple and build it in three days,save yourself! Come down from the cross, if you are the Son of God!” 41 In the same way the chief priests, the teachers of the law and the elders mocked him. 42 “He saved others,” they said, “but he can’t save himself! He’s the king of Israel! Let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him.43 He trusts in God. Let God rescue him now if he wants him, for he said, ‘I am the Son of God.’” 44 In the same way the rebels who were crucified with him also heaped insults on him.


He couldn’t take himself down from the cross because he had a job to do.  He had to take our place on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven and we could be reconciled to do God.  He was sent to do his father’s will and he was dedicated to carrying it out, despite the pain, ridicule, and suffering.

Why am I so quick to want to jump down from the cross?

Because of people?  In my anger, I wanted to call them more than just “people.”  I wanted to lobe all those insults back.  Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me.

One thing those “Facebookers” got right yesterday…..I don’t love the way I am called to love.  But you see, it is not the gays or the transgender I don’t love right.  I challenge you to find one time I have mistreated a gay person.  One time I was mean, bigoted, or even told an inappropriate joke at a gay person’s expense.   I have no problems with gay people; I think Jesus died for them the same way he died for me; I think the blood of Jesus covers them the same way it covers me. Period.

I do however have a problem with ANYONE who mocks my God or my beliefs.

This is where I don’t love like I should.  It has nothing to do with sexual orientation and everything to do with how you treat my beliefs.

You see, my faith is just as important to me as your sexual orientation (or your friend’s sexual orientation) is to you.  I live for my God.  My whole purpose of being of this earth is to do the will of God.  Period.  I cannot and will not separate my beliefs from my person.

So, yes, if you mock my beliefs…I probably don’t love you the way I should.  Honestly, a part of me can’t wait for Judgment day.  The day all the mockers will stand before God.  Man, to be the fly on that wall……..The day we get what we deserve…..oh wait, the day I get what I deserve?……..hmmm.

This is why God is soo great.  Because he won’t let me stay there….in my hate…in my quest for vengeance.

I am grateful that on Judgment Day I will not get what I deserve.  I am so ever thankful that my Jesus died on that cross for all of my sins.  I am grateful for the innocent blood of Christ.  Without him, I would surely be doomed to an eternity of Hell, a place so awful that we should not want anyone to be sent there, yes, even the mockers.  (Yes, I hear you God…and I working on it….I really am….or at the very least…I want to work on it…..wait, I want to want to work on it….I’m open to it….help me Jesus!)

[But don’t be fooled.  Our God is a loving God, who did in fact send Jesus Christ so that we can have salvation, but if you don’t accept his free gift of Jesus, you will go to Hell.  Sounds harsh I know, but it is truth.  Without accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life you are doomed to the lake of fire.  Jesus’ blood will not cover anyone who doesn’t accept Him and on Judgement Day you will face God alone.]

Yes, all you mockers, you best be thanking God, that I, Missy, am not God.  Because on days like yesterday, I would not be inclined to even think, let alone say,

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

So all you “Facebookers” who claimed yesterday that Christians don’t love like Jesus, you are absolutely correct.  Well, at least I don’t.  I want to, but I am human like everyone else, and I am a work in progress.  My name is Missy and I struggle to love mockers of Jesus Christ.  Am I wrong to do so?  Yes, I am.  Jesus loved even his mockers, I need to learn to love them too.



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