Everybody’s Got a Troubled Heart

It is Reblog Friday! I found the following post to not only be insightful but also encouraging. The more I get involved in ministry the messier things seem to get. But the good news is that I wouldn’t exchange the piece I get being in the will of God for any earthly happiness I used to settle for. The author is correct, often times the answer to our prayer is more trust and not a miracle. God bless!

Christianity 201

Apologies to those of you who dropped by the blog Tuesday and found things hard-to-read. Sometimes when we format an article from another blog, we pick up HTML code that affects the articles which follow, but we’re not immediately aware of that. Please let us know if you see copy running off the page.

Our post title alludes to Bruce Springsteen’s song Hungry Heart. Some have written about the spirituality that people feel at his concerts. But the truth of the lyrics of this song is certainly appropriate to today’s devotional. People think that some of their friends or people in their church have everything so together, but if they were to peel back the layers, they would see that everybody’s got a hungry heart, a hurting heart, a troubled heart.

It’s Wednesday which means today’s post is by Canadian pastor Clarke Dixon. Click the link in the title below…

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