A Glimpse of Rich Mullins

Today is supposed to be “Reblog Friday”, the day I share a post that just spoke to my heart.  While I read many great posts, I could not find anything that spoke to where I found myself this week.

Last Sunday night I watched the movie Ragamuffin, which is a movie based on the life of Christian singer/song writer Rich Mullins.  To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with this movie, but it did challenge me in ways I could not have possibly known or guessed.  Yesterday, I talked about Growth Opportunities, and this movie has challenged me to grow.

Please take a look at the trailer here.  I also encourage you all to watch the movie over the weekend.  It is on Netflix.

Please note, I do not like or agree with everything in this movie, which can only lead to great discussions next week.

I will be honest, before this movie I knew very, very little about Rich Mullins.  But since watching the movie I have read about him, watched videos of him, and I just can’t get his story off my mind or out of my heart.  This man was wise way beyond his years, and while I don’t agree with everything he says, you can’t deny this man knew God.

For those of you unfamiliar with Rich Mullins, please check out these videos as my greatest complaint about the movie is that they made him seem too sad, depressed, and brewdy.

Wow!  I am honestly blown away by this man.  Not just because he is a musical genius, but by his deep understanding and love for Jesus Christ.  In my opinion, this man is far underrated in the Christian music industry.  [I used to go to a baptist church where we sung only the Choruses of songs, I had no idea Step by Step was such a profound song!]  I also love his honesty.  He is not afraid to just put it out there; his fears, doubts, thoughts, feelings, and mistakes are just out there on display ministering to the masses.

Amen, Rich Mullins, AMEN!!!

Be prepared next week to go deeper into the life of Rich Mullins and the movie Ragamuffin.  I promise you, it will challenge you.




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