List of Similarities between Ancient Israel and America (While We Were Sleeping Part 11)

Here I am (a day late-but I promise it was not my fault-lol)) ready with my list of similarities between the ancient Israelites and Americans today.  Glory to God!

But before I begin, let me just ask, “Did you get your homework done?”  Yah, not as easy as it looks, huh?

The similarities between the ancient Israelites and Americans today are staggering.  There are numerous, and I mean numerous Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures dedicated to Israel and its emminent fall, so there is absolutely no way we will be able to cover them all.  However, I would like to share with you my Top Ten.

Yes, I am cheating (a little bit).  First, I will take a look at the Top 10 posted on Sunday night and show where I think America is at in comparison.  I will then move on to other verses that have stood out to me in Isaiah.


Americans have it good, there is no doubt about it.  We are surrounded by excess (houses, cars, plenty of food, shelter).  You name it; we have it.  Now, I know that not everybody in America has the excesses, but most have at least their basic needs covered (if even by the government).  But are we a thankful nation?  Do we thank God for all our wealth and privaleges?  No, of course not!  Not only do we not thank Him; we can’t (won’t) even acknowledge Him.


Can anyone say Hollywood?  NBA? MLB? NFL?  These people have become more important to our society than God.  They get far more respect and admiration that is for sure.


November 14, 2014 ring any bells?  Yep, the catalyst to this whole series: The first Muslim prayer service held in our National Cathedral( an Episcopal church).  Yes, I have said it before and I will say it again, we crossed the line (in the name of tolerance) when we allowed Muslims to turn their back on the crosss and shout prayers that stated Allah is the greatest and the one true god.  We allowed another god to be worshiped in a church meant for Jesus Christ.  In doing things like this and taking prayer out of school and government, we have truly forgotten who are savior is,  Jesus Christ (we will talk more about this in a minute).


How many Christians in America today are ashamed of their Christianity (or at least at times)?  How many have fallen away from their Christian roots simply because we are more and more in the minority?  Sad but true.


See above.  Lol.  In order to fit in with society or the world, Christians are compromising their values and beliefs.  Even churches are changing their doctrines to pacify “tolerance saints.”  The Methodist Church (to which I currently belong-emphasis on currently) has decided they would like to re-evaluate the Bible and its history.  Yep, we will sure be talking about this at a later date.  When I think of compromise I am reminded of the Casting Crowns song Slow Fade, in which it states:

“When flattery leads to compromise, the end is always near”

If we compromise on the Bible we loose ever ounce of credibility we ever had and there is no going back.

 5. THEY TEMPTED GOD [106:32]

The Israelites disobeyed God time and time again, almost daring Him to pick them off.  When we thumb our nose at God by not falling the Bible, doing what we want on the account of grace, we too are thumbing our noses at God daring Him to do something about it.


If this was indeed by Top Ten list, this one would be closer to number one.  The Bible is very clear that we get our power to fight temptation and stay the Christian course from Holy Spirit.  However, there is a staggering amount of people and churches who simply do not believe in or teach Holy Spirit.  They have dumbed down the third person of the Holy Trinity to our conscience!  What better way for Satan to get a leg up  and render the church ineffective by taking away its source of power?  This method has been effective for many, many years.  Most people can’t see it yet, but God clearly showed me that Jesus is next.  Somewhere along the way, Christians compromised their beliefs and allowed the Holy Spirit’s role to be reduced .  Now, in hopes of uniting Muslims, Jews, and Christians, they are asking Christians to compromise on Jesus. Why else would Muslims or their supporters even approach the idea of a Muslim led service in an Episcopal church?  This so-called uniting of the three religions may just be a step toward a one world religion as indicated in Revelation.


Once again, American Christians have a big problem with obedience.  After all, “it’s all about that grace, about that grace, right?


A large part, maybe even a majority, of American Christians today look and act no different from the world.  Even though we are called to be different, called to be Holy, we still want to be a part of the world.  When we participate in the things of the world, we participate in many things that are purely evil.  I have watched TV shows and movies that promoted evil.  I read (and allowed my mind to be penetrated by) evil garbage.  You get the picture.  When we Christians pursue this world and the evil desires of the flesh more than we pursue God, are we really following Christ?


One word needed here: Abortion.

Okay, and that was Psalm 106 by itself!  The Bible is full of much, much more.

But did you catch it?  When I reference we or the state of this country, I’m not addressing the world but Christians.

America is not in trouble because of all those who do not know God.  No, America will be punished because those who do know or have known God have forsaken Him and His will.

Take a look at Isaiah (in your own Bibles).  Here, it is so very clear that God is addressing the Israelites; his chosen people.  He is angry because His chosen have forsaken Him and turned their backs on Him. (We’ve established earlier in One Nation Under God that we are indeed God’s chosen one too, and we will be talking about it again soon.)

It was not  the “gentiles” that brought down Israel and Judah; it was the “chosen ones.”

So remember that the next time you start getting angry with non-believers and how “they” are ruining this country.

In Isaiah he goes on to give another list of things the Israelites had done or were doing to bring on their own destruction that I think should be added to our list of similarities.

11.  Their sacrifices were not heartfelt and in vain. (Isaiah 1:13-5);

12. They were corrupted by their love of money (Isaiah 1:23);

13.  They were selfish and only thought of themselves (Is. 1:23);

14.  They took up pagan/satanic practices (worshiped other gods and idols (Is. 2:6, 8-9)

15.  Their nation wanted for nothing (full of excess) (Is. 2:7)

16.  They were a prideful nation, lofty and haughty (Is, 2:17);

17.  Their tongues were against God (Is. 3:8);

18.  They did not hide their sins, much like Sodom;

19.  Their leaders led them astray (Is. 3:12)

20.  The women dressed provocatively, trying to lure men (Is. 3:16-17)

It doesn’t take much to see that if we replaced the “theys” with America, the statements would still be true, thus proving to me that America is on the same path of destruction of ancient Israel.

Do I sound like one of those Bible extremists?  Maybe.  But let me just say that while this stuff may seem “out there”, don’t just dismiss it.  As we established on Monday, in Written for our Learning, God gave us the Old Testament so that we could learn from them and not repeat their history.  Clearly, these writings on the Israelites are warnings to us.

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “List of Similarities between Ancient Israel and America (While We Were Sleeping Part 11)

  1. Please Pray For The Real Solution to America’s Unsolvable Problems:

    Here is what I believe is a overlooked way to spiritual victory that
    nobody’s thought of, but it can, and should be ours, if we’ll only ask
    for it. It’s what America was founded on, Jubilee. See the link below
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    (Now with a click/link to a Tribute & Eulogy to The 1st Christian
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    PS: If you find the information about a Christian American Jubilee
    intriguing, by all means forward this to all your friends. We
    just might have a great awakening.

    1. Missy,

      I said all this during “Clinton I & II”. The song on my “Comparison” page I actually wrote in 1996, “Who Will Your God Be?”. Most of it is the original recording, with some updates for whats going on today. . I’m glad that people like you are now having their eyes opened.

      One other thing, we’re not a minority, we’re 83% of the population (See my vote fraud page @ )

      God bless you,
      And keep on keeping on,

      Dave Nettles

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