Is Allah the God of the Bible (While We Were Sleeping Part 9)

It has been brought to my attention that some may be confused about something I said (wrote) earlier in this series.

[For those of you just joining us, we are currently studying the Islamic religion, ancient Israel, and America today.]

Anyway, very early on in this series I stated that Allah and God (as we Christians know Him) are not the same person.  I still believe that claim is 100% correct, but it appears I need to elaborate on my statement.

“Allah” is the Arabic  term used for “god” and can be found in the Quran.  That is not in question here.  The question here is , is Allah the God of the Bible ?

You see, God in the Christian religion consists of the Holy Trinity.  God in three persons: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  We cannot separate one from the other in the sense that without one part of the trinity, there is no God.  Notice the “G” in God is capitalized, meaning it is a proper noun, referring to a specific person.

We cannot have God without the Father; we cannot have God without Jesus;  we cannot have God without Holy Spirit.

The confusion comes because most people only see God as the Father.

It is true that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam can all be traced back to Abraham.  All religions agree that there was a god who created the world, there was an Adam and Eve, and there was a man named Abraham.  Abraham is where things start to change.  As you may remember, Christians believe  God’s promise to Abraham was fulfilled in Isaac while Muslims believe Allah fulfilled it through Ishmael.   From there the differences just keep on coming.

Click here to read a great article (non-biased ) on the subject  that will give you more details.

So, then some would say that at least we all worship the same god because we all worship God the Father.  Even if we could over look that neither Muslims or Jews believe in the Holy Trinity (which we absolutely cannot do), I still don’t believe we even worship the same God The Father.

It may have started out that way, but once Mohammed came in the picture and got his “revelation” things changed rapidly.  If you were to take the characteristics of Allah found in the Quran and compare them with the Characteristics of God The Father in the Bible, they don’t match up; therefore, making it impossible to say we worship the same god.

Now, I will say that I believe that Jews and Christians both agree on God The Father.  But once again, without Jesus, we really don’t worship the same God.

Why is this important?

The Pope and other religious authorities have said that Jews, Christians, and Muslims can come together because we worship the same god.  That we should just focus on our common ground  and let go of the rest.  Yep, to many this sounds like a great sign of unity and peace.  To me,  it speaks of the ushering in of the Last Days where government and religious authorities will come together to form a unified religion (a one world religion) and will come against Christ.

So, yes, this is important, very important.

Once again,  we cannot have God without the Father; we cannot have God without Jesus;  we cannot have God without Holy Spirit.  So, no, Allah, is not the God of the Bible.






3 thoughts on “Is Allah the God of the Bible (While We Were Sleeping Part 9)

  1. Oh, Missy, you are so right on target here. Thank you so very much for writing this. A few weeks ago, one of my daughters was telling me that Muslims worship the same God that we do. And though I knew that wasn’t the truth, I didn’t know how to present the truth to her in a way that she could easily grasp it. I am prayerfully considering (and I would love your prayers here, too) referring her to this article.

    You and your writings are a blessing to me. Keep up the good work!

    Love and hugs,


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