Monday Ramblings from a Snowed In (but happy) Mom

Last Monday I came up with a plan for how to be more efficient with my blog for 2015.  I guess I kind of forget that saying that God laughs when we make plans.  My kids’ schools have been canceled for almost a week now, and I having a hard time keeping up with them under my feet.  I can barely keep up with my daily posts let alone write ahead.

I have decided not to stress about the school cancellations and enjoy the extra time with my kids.  I will also enjoy the extra comfort of my forgiving sweats and not having to put on make-up!  God is so good.

Yesterday I heard Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman and I was once again reminded that my children need my time and attention.  With two girls off to college later this year, I know my timing with them is precious.

On Saturday I posted a follow-up to One Nation Under God.  So, if you missed it, click on the following to check it out: interpretation is in the Eye of the Beholder.

Have a great Monday and check back this week as we will be continuing on in the While We Were Sleeping Series plus other topics.

Be blessed and be a blessing,




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