The Can of Worms Has Been Opened

Can of worms


Have you ever heard something and it “opened a can of worms”?

Well, in my Sunday evening bible study, someone mentioned that the Islam religion had something to do with Ishmael, Abraham’s son with Hagar.  As I have no real knowledge on the Islam religion, I was not sure what to think of such a claim.  However, since I spent a great deal of time late last year studying Abraham, I was very interested.  And considering everything going on with ISIS, Obama claims (not saying they are true), and the whole National Cathedral Controversy (which I am wholeheartedly against), I thought it was time I learned a little bit about the Islam religion.

I will be taking the rest of this week off to complete some in depth research, so that I can start next week off with this new series.  As of yet, I’m not sure exactly where it is going, but I can tell you it will have something to do with Abraham and Sarah, and the consequences of not waiting on God and taking matters into your own hands.  (Yes, the Islam religion doe indeed have something to do with Ishmael.)

Right now I am asking you to cover me in prayers as I expect to be spiritually attacked now that I have decided to go through with this series.  Also, I am asking you to pray for protection as I dive into the enemy’s camp.  In order to get a firm understanding of the Islam religion, I am going to come across information conflicting to my beliefs and Satan would like nothing better than for me to get tripped by doubts.  But more than that, I just feel YUKKY sifting through all this stuff.

I hope you join me next week as this is shaping to be one of my best series yet.

Happy Thanksgiving. Don’t forget to be thankful to be living in a country where we are still free to live and worship our God.  After all, we don’t know how much longer we will have this right.

Until next week,



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