Pray Without Ceasing

I had a great birthday yesterday. My husband got me some new gadgets so I’m a little behind this morning as I have been playing around and setting everything up.  My husband really does need a shout out as this is the first time he has gotten me a present I really wanted but never mentioned. This is seriously some answered prayers.

Prayer works!

1 Thessalonians 5:17 (KJV): Pray without ceasing.

I know some teach that if we are to truly follow this scripture we must walk around praying all the time. Now, I’m no bible scholar, but I don’t think this verse means were to spend all day on our knees or walking around reciting ritualistic prayers.

Rather, I think ceaseless prayer refers to two things:

1.  A relationship with God with open communication and continual dialogue; and

2.  Repeated prayers.

God wants the kind of relationship with us where we talk to Him throughout our day. When faced with a question or problem we first turn to him. Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place for devout prayers, where we hit our knees, the alter, but we can’t spend all day, every day there as we have lives to live.  We can spend our time in prayer and then build on those prayers by communicating with God throughout our day.

I have a tendency to pray for something once or twice and go about my business. A month or two will go by and I will say to God, “Hey, what about that prayer I sent up, where are you on that?” Not good. God wants us to keep praying and keep praying. Now sometimes what we are praying for is not in His will (sometimes the answer is no), but until you get an answer, keep on praying.

Lately my husband has been giving me the attention I have longed for forever. As I mentioned above, this is clearly answered prayer. However, probably not mine.  GASP!!  I am not great at praying without ceasing. I am easily discouraged and quick to give up. This time I called in reinforcements and I am sure her ceaseless prayers are behind the answered prayer (not to play down my husband’s role).

And, yes, I know it is time to step up my game.

Where is your prayer life? Am I alone in my struggle or do you too need to step it up?



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