31 Days of Worship and The Word: Day 14: Praise God!

The Worship Song of the Day is New Doxology.

I know, not what you all were expecting, but God laid it on my heart this morning.  My church has recently switched to this song after the offering instead of the standard chorus.  I must say it speaks to my soul and I could sing it forever.

My baby girl turns 10 today!  What a true blessing she has been to our whole family.  There was a time I didn’t know if we would have her long as she has faced several serious health issues.  I made a choice long ago to love her and cherish her as long as God continued to bless us with her.

Good news, her health issues seem to behind her and I have a healthy 10 year old girl.  There are many parents who were not equally blessed and my heart and prayers go out to them today.  However, it is tradition for me to use this day to reflect on my many blessings and praise God!  After all, it is from Him from which all blessings flow.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!
Ps. 150:6(esv)

My Molly Jane is truly one of the greatest blessings and today I will praise God with my whole heart and without abandon because I am forever grateful for the opportunity to continue being this baby girl’s mamma.  Thank you Jesus!  Oh, Praise you Jesus!

molly moo mo


Have a blessed day,


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