31 Days of Worship and The Word: Day Two: Start A Fire

I don’t know about you, but I sure found it helpful yesterday starting my day off with worship and some scripture. I literally danced around my kitchen yesterday morning while doing chores.

If you are just joining us today, we are on a 31 Day Challenge to worship the Lord and study at least one scripture each and every day (the month of October).  Now, while it may seem best to start your day off with worship and the Word,  I know it is not always practical.  And, if you think about it, worship and the Word are beneficial no matter what time of day it is done.  So, please join in on our praise fest, no matter the day or time.

Today I want to encourage us all to keep on keeping on. In order to have the relationship with God that we need, and in order to do the work we are called to do, we must have passion. Passion for Christ is our fuel (actually Holy Spirit is our true fuel, but I think you get my point.) We need to have passion.

In an interview about a year or so ago, Building 429 said that they viewed themselves as church cheerleaders as they enjoyed writing and singing songs that encouraged believers. I like that concept. Let’s face it, this life is hard and we all need a little cheer now and then. Today, I want to be your cheerleader. I want to get you excited about doing the work of the Lord. I want you to get excited about being a child of God.  I want you to want to worship.  I want you to long to know His word.

Over the last month or so I have been captivated by the song Start a Fire by Unspoken. It excites my soul and stirs my desire to give my whole life to the Lord. No, it is not exactly a “worship” song, but I think it will stir something in your heart and bring you back here tomorrow for some more worship.

This world can be cold and bitter
Feels like we’re in the dead of winter
Waiting on something better
But am I really gonna hide forever?

(I mean seriously, what are we waiting for? There is work to do now!)

Over and over again
I hear Your voice in my head
Let Your light shine, let Your light shine for all to see

Start a fire in my soul
Fan the flame and make it grow
So there’s no doubt or denying
Let it burn so brightly
That everyone around can see
That it’s You, that it’s You that we need
Start a fire in me

(Yes, Lord, it is you that we need, and it is you in me that everyone needs to see!)

You only need a spark to start a whole blaze
It only takes a little faith
Let it start right here in this city
So these old walls will never be the same

Over and over again
I hear Your voice in my head
They need to know
I need to go
Spirit wont you fall on my heart now.

(Can you hear His voice?  Is He calling you?  To what is He calling you to?)

Woo Hoo! Doesn’t it just make your heart sing? Doesn’t it make you want to just lay everything down and just worship God?  Love it!

Okay, time for the verse of the day:

Romans 12:11 (NKJ)- Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.

Walking in the Spirit, serving the Lord, walking in the ways of Christ are not easy.  Yes, the Holy Spirit is there and gives us the power to live for Christ, but we still have to make the choices.  We have to choose what is right and what is Godly.  Some days are easier than others.  Some days we get it right; other days we miss the mark.  However, every day we need to pick up our cross and protect our passion (spiritual fervor).   What works for some may not work for others, but I have found worship or Christian music to be most helpful in fueling my passion.  Christian talk radio and internet sermons are great tools as well.  And as always, nothing beats reading our Bibles.

What do you do to ignite or protect your passion for Christ?  Come on, don’t be shy, I would love to hear from you.  In the meantime, keep on praising!

God bless,



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