When Christians Attack


“Do we want to make a point with our opinion or make a difference with Jesus? Let’s check the amount of love in our words.”-Lysa TerKeurst

I am very hesitant to pen words today as I am saddened by a lot of what I have read today in the “blogosphere.”

At what lengths will we go to get people’s attention and divert readers to our blog?

I just read several blogs in which Christians were attacking other Christians. Yes, the Christians under attack have been in the media or on TV, but does that change the fact that they are our brothers and sisters in Christ? Is it right to use their “fame” or “controversy” to further our own personal agendas? Where, dare I ask, is the love in that?

If we want to teach that Jesus was all about love, then shouldn’t we be displaying love? There is no love in throwing your brothers and sisters under the bus because you simply don’t agree with their stances or you want to cash in. The Christian community is made up of diverse doctrines, and there are going to be disagreements. However, these disagreements do not give us permission to attack one another. Furthermore, this type of behavior only divides and distracts us from our common purpose: bringing other into a life-saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We have to guard our hearts and minds against the worlds. Our churches and our faith should not resemble the world. The world says conflicts tears apart. I believe God wants conflict to draw us together.

“Remember, conflict doesn’t always mean we have to fight against something and tear it apart. Conflict can also mean we’re fighting for something to make it even better and stronger than it’s ever been.”-Lysa TerKeurst

Conflict can result in better relationships provided we resolve our issues according to God’s word. Therefore, please, dear brothers and sisters, let us learn to make our points, speak our beliefs, and attract readers to our blogs without tearing one another down.

Just my heartbroken thoughts for the day.



One thought on “When Christians Attack

  1. Jesus said something like, “They will know you are my followers by your love for each other.” (I’m going from memory on this verse, but it’s close). I agree with you – many times we don’t see much evidence of love within Christian circles.

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