My Heart is Yours

I am still overwhelmed by and contemplating on the post from yesterday. If you have not yet read it, I encourage you to go back and do so today.

I think the thing that has resonated with me the most is just how selfish or self-involved I am. Even my motives behind my “good works” have now been called into question (by me). Am I truly doing it for God and for His glory or I am honestly doing it to promote my own self our my own wants and desires?

On the other hand, I have to be careful and not beat myself up. After all, condemnation comes from Satan not God. I need to concentrate on changing the things God has told me to change, and forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve made as I have already asked God to forgive me. If God no longer remembers them, why should I?

I have been hearing this song from time to time over the last few weeks, but as of yesterday, it has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

Enjoy the song and have a blessed day!


One thought on “My Heart is Yours

  1. Yes it’s true- there is definitely a balance & making sure we stay tuned to The Lord. I have a tendency to do things in the church that are good- but not necessarily what The Lord is calling me to do! Like you- I want to be fully surrendered to The Lord & walking the path he has for me. I have to surrender daily to his will rather than my own.

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