Stuck in Exodus?

You ever feel like your trapped in your own version of a Bible story? I know it may sound crazy, but the last few weeks I feel like I’m stuck in the book of Exodus. Honestly, I don’t even like reading the book of Exodus let alone live it!

Think about it a moment. In Exodus there is Moses trying to lead God’s chosen people out of Egypt, out of their slavery and captivity and into the promised land. What’s his reward? Thanklessness, whining, complaining, gossip, anger, etc.. Not much of a thank you is it?

Ever wonder if your pastor feels that way? If you are a pastor or someone in leadership, have you ever felt like Moses? It is not much of a stretch considering most good pastors are trying to lead their congregations out of captivities and into His “promised land.”

In case you’re wondering, I’m not Moses in my own little rendition, but I feel like one of his helpers. I see where Moses is coming from, I trust he is anointed by God, and I am becoming frustrated with ones who are getting in the way. I want the promised land already. I don’t want to wait 40 years!!!!

Did I say I felt like Moses’ helper because right now I am no different from the Israelites with my whining and complaining. I can almost picture myself having a tantrum fit right about now (seriously with my mood today I could easily pitch a fit). Never mind the blog post I wrote last week or so where God showed me that he took the Israelites the long way to prepare them for the promised land. Oh, no, all that gets forgotten when I getting to stomping my foot and with my “I want it and I want it now” attitude.

Yes, I am frustrated. Yes, I want more of God for me and everyone in my church. But as it was pointed out to me this Sunday, it is God’s job to bring about revival; not mine. Sometimes I have to let God be God and not try to do His job for Him. I tend to take too much responsibility and blame, which then in turn robs me of my joy. Yes, over the last few weeks I have let others complaints, bitterness, jealousies and what not steal my joy. Keep in mind the “others” are really Satan as “the thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10). The point I’m trying to make is that I let Satan take away the joy I have for Jesus because I allowed my negative thoughts to become my focus. Instead of focusing on my God, my worship, and my relationship with Christ, I begin to worry about what others thought of me, what others wanted for worship, and so on and so on. I allowed it to happen, but I don’t have to any longer. I have the spirit of God living inside of me, I have the power to overcome Satan and my own negative thoughts. I have the power of Jesus Christ and I will not let my joy for the Lord be stolen again.

I may not like what is going on right now. However, I do trust that God is there and working it all out. Until the time comes for the great reveal, I will be still and know that He is God! It is sure to be a glorious unfolding!!!

Be blessed and be a blessing!


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