A Case of the Blahs


Do you ever feel run down? Drained? Empty? Tired even though you have had plenty of sleep? Yep, this would describe me over the last week or so. So much so that I even took a few days of work (and the blog). Everyone keeps asking me what’s wrong. The truth is nothing is really wrong.

There isn’t a major crisis going on now. I honestly don’t feel a big spiritual battle. It just seems to be a case of the blahs. I’m just tired of the everyday mundane things. I am tired of going through the motions. Some will say that this is not a bad place to be, but I know different. This is not a place God wants me to be. This is not something God is doing to motivate me to something more. This is me pouting because I am bored and dissatisfied. While I know all this to be true, I am still having a hard time pulling myself out of it.

So, what is a girl to do?

Start Seeking. (After repeated pushes from my husband to write something on my blog)

While reading the Bible and reading articles on the internet I came across a very interesting piece that I would like to share, or at least a portion. You can read the whole thing at:


“Allow me to share the ‘secret’ to never being burnt out. (And when I say “allow me,” I am thinking of how thankful I am for these lessons the Lord has given me, not a boast of me.)

The secret to why I’m never burnt out serving God is because… serving God isn’t the most important thing in my life.

It just isn’t. If I had a life priority list, serving God would not be number #1. If I looked at the list of things I do on a weekly basis, serving God is not the thing that sticks out to me. When I plan things day-to-day, serving God is not ranked up there.

It isn’t and it shouldn’t be.

The most important thing in Phil’s life is loving and knowing God. I know that’s the right answer because that’s the answer Jesus gave when someone asked him what the greatest commandment is in Matthew 23. He didn’t say…’serving God’ or ‘serving in this ministry’ or ‘working at this church’. He was blunt and plain, so don’t miss it- The most important thing in the life of a believer is to know and love God.

I find that people who get burnt out get those two confused: Serving Jesus and knowing Jesus. That’s also exactly the difference between Mary and Martha in Luke 10. One wanted to work for God, one wanted to worship God. And Jesus commended Mary for choosing what was better. (Here’s a hint: Not working for God!)

I also find that people who get burnt out think that the highest and greatest experience they’ll get with God is in serving God. So, they spend all their energies and their times into their ministries. For sure, the Lord meets them there. At that meeting, at that conference, on that team, on that ministry, etc. But soon, they find that the fringes of His presence was insufficient for continual zeal for Jesus. They didn’t draw any strength from serving, they only spent it.” -Phillip Chan

Makes you think, huh?

[While I know reaching out to the lost, whether it be to see them saved or render help, is one of the most important things we are called to as Christians, we can’t give something we don’t have. We must take our spiritual fitness seriously. In order to do any serving, we have to know the one we are serving. It is only through Him that we will ever be able to do any serving or ministering.]

While I would say that articled doesn’t completely apply to me, some of it hit home. I would say that I have a healthy relationship with God; however, I can let people or circumstances get in the way of that relationship. Sometimes my serving does take me away from God because when things do not go the way I expect or people hurt me my first reaction is to back away from God. I think subconsciously I blame God for the disappointments or hurt. I’ll admit it, I act like a pouty kid.

This is where I found myself this week: wallowing in a case of the blahs. I am trying to pull myself out of my pity party, but as you all know, it is often easier said than done. This side of me may not be pretty, but at least I am being real. Pray with and for me as I take a closer look at myself and my relationship with God and how I can put my knowledge into action and put my focus back on Christ.

Have a blessed day,



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