Secret Service

I woke this morning to the following highlighted on my Kindle app. I am not sure how it happened, but I believe God is trying to tell me something.

Lysa TerKeurst-What Happens When Women Walk in Faith:

“All along this ministry journey, I kept thinking God was looking for me to do great things for Him. But now I am convinced the Lord isn’t looking for a bestselling author or an arena speaker. He isn’t looking for people to dance in the limelight. He is looking for those souls who are willing to press close to His heart and hear the cries of the forgotten. He wants us to do great things with Him to reach the “least of these.” Ministry that makes the biggest impact is that which is done in the secret places, the hard stuff that is void of glory but full of guts.” (pg.181)

For those of us in ministry or on our way into ministry, let us take some time today to reflect on our motives for ministry. Do we want to just do something great for God or be someone great for God or are we earnestly seeking or wanting to seek out the lost, forgotten, and hurting? Are we wanting to truly disciple or flaunt our knowledge? Are we trying to prove something to ourselves or others? I pray your reasons are to seek the lost, forgotten, and hurting or to disciple those who already know the Lord, but I know that I have had wrong motives from time to time. I know it is silly, but sometimes I find myself wanting to prove to others that God does indeed love me, and the only way to prove that is to do something great for God.

Sometimes I get frustrated with where I am serving because of my wrong motivations; however, we should not become discouraged with services done in secret. We should not become discouraged with the ordinary, seemingly mundane tasks laid before us. We can’t all be Lysa TerKeursts, Joyce Meyeres, or Beth Moores. We can’t all stand on a stage and rally the troops. But we can all serve where we are planted. We can grow, learn, and reach those God has put in our paths.

Luke 15:7 (NLT): In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!

We may not save the world, but even if we reach one, than we have done a great thing for God.

I will add that if you search your heart and your motives are right and you are still feeling discontentment and unhappiness where you are, you may not be where God has intended you to be. Take this to God and ask for clear direction and be willing to act on His direction.

When I start to feel discouraged, I fall back on the saying, “bloom where you are planted,” as it reminds me to serve happily where I am until God calls me somewhere else.

Until next time, stay safe and God bless,

9 thoughts on “Secret Service

  1. By saving one you save the world as all are reflections of yourself. Each person is a world that is lost and lonely. Each world hurts from the separation from the light of love. In an age of God and glory where churches “Make more money than God”… why then do not all know love? The religions preaching the rules of salvation have little love for those outside of their foundations and yet to know God you must first know love, as God is love. So true love extends beyond the churches boundaries.

    So to who then are we being great to? To God, or to ourselves professing to know God when we in fact we know nothing if we know not love?

    Maybe there is more to salvation than rules? Maybe we are all yet still seeing salvation from the wrong perspective?

    If you cannot look within to find God you will not find God at all. Modern Christians seem to think that to know the self is selfish and sinful, but the self is a world unto its own that must be tamed or forever be plagued by its own demons of corrupt influence and power. The kingdoms of the soul must be ruled by a true king called “Christ/TRUTH” that sets us free as a king of all kings of the inner-world. Perfect truth rules the inner-world and brings about perfect freedom called “Jesus/Salvation”. This is what “knowing Jesus” really means. “I am” (egō/self) the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6). The world of scriptures is YOU and you must make TRUTH (Christ = Anointed with the oil of the lamp on the head = “Ease of thought” or “peace of mind”) lead the WAY to SALVATION (Jesus/salvation = Freedom). If you gain no TRUTH then your inner-world is damned to its own destruction and the new Jerusalem (Jerusalem = PEACE) will never come and Babylon (Babylon = CONFUSION) will reign instead in the spirit (Waters = flow of conscious truth; IE channeling, drawing etc).

    Know what the Bible really says or be forever lost in the death called “Ignorance” where there is no “Inner light” (Matthew 25:30).

    Perfect knowledge and wisdom create perfect understanding, and perfect understanding is perfect love. God is love, so He sent us the perfect Truth called His “Son” which in Hebrew means to build. Eternal “Living” Truth builds the “kingdom of heaven”, the temple in the sky called “The Higher State of Enlightenment” where there is no darkness within called “Inner light”. You are the lost and lonely fallen world the scriptures speak of. It’s time to help it find salvation (Jesus/Truth is freedom). Jesus the man came to give you perfect spiritual truth that has yet still fallen upon deaf ears and blind eyes.

    John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    In you sweet sister I see love and greatness. Shine with the light of love!

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