Winter Jam 2014


Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to attend Winter Jam 2014! My friends and I were brave enough (some would say stupid enough) to stand outside for almost two hours in the freezing weather (Illinois) to get front row seats. I have nothing but good things to say about the concert itself, but there was one small hiccup, and I want some feedback.

This year, for some unknown reason to me, when we purchased our VIP tickets, we were given a group ticket, which meant we all had to enter together. It didn’t make much sense to me, but we all made arrangements to meet so we could arrive at the same time and get in line. Well, others had the same group tickets, but instead of all waiting in line, they sent one or two people and the rest joined a few minutes before the doors were to open. Now, it was not just a few here or there; there were church groups doing so as well (groups of 15 plus). What that meant is that when we first started out, we had 24 people in front of us, but by the time the doors opened, there were more than 100.

My question to you, is this an acceptable thing for a Christian to do? Would you consider it cutting in line? Would it have been wrong for those who had been waiting for hours to say something? Should Winter Jam change the group ticket policy?

I realize as Christians we are called to handle situations differently, which is why I was reluctant to say anything to anybody. Yet, at the same time we are to hold each other accountable. I would also like to say that when you have been standing outside for two hours and you can’t feel any parts of your body, it is not easy to keep your mouth shut.

I realize this isn’t a major ordeal and there are plenty of more serious issues to deal with. Now, that being said, I often succeed in big moments, it is the little things that usually trip me up. Hence, the reason for this post.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, stay safe, and God bless,

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