A Glimpse Of God

Have you ever gone through a time when you didn’t feel God’s presence or his presence didn’t feel as strong as it once did? I am going through one of those times right now. I know it is partly due to my lack luster devotion time over the last month or so, but I feel it goes much deeper than that. I feel God calling me to take a look around and make conscious choices to find God’s presence in my everyday life. God doesn’t just show up for the main event. No, he is here with us all the time. I mean his spirit lives inside us; how can he not be here in the everyday mundane moments?

I challenge each one of you for the next week to make a conscious effort to find God in your life. I call these moments “glimpses of God”. I think you will be surprised just how often He shows up.

Yesterday, I saw God in my husband. As you may know from previous posts, he lost his mother over the weekend. He was on his way to her when he found out. He delayed his leave (mostly at my urging due to some personal circumstances) and he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye. I braced myself for an angry husband. On top of this loss, Indiana and Michigan were hit with a severe snow storm making traveling hazardous. There was no way I was going to be able to drive my kids to Michigan and meet my husband for the funeral. It was quickly decided that he would drive the 3.5 hours back to pick us up. This left him driving in the worst part of the storm, but did my husband drive straight home? No! He stopped numerous, numerous times to pull vehicles back onto the road. Not only was he helping stranded motorists, but he used this time to share Christ with them. He let them know that Jesus was showing His love for them by sending him (my husband) to help them.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but this man just lost his beloved mamma and was in considerable pain. On top of that he had to deal with the fact that he didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and now this winter storm was complicating funeral arrangements. I don’t know about you, but I would have been beyond angry at this point. I am ashamed to admit it, but I would have probably been upset with God and not so quick to do work on his behalf. Furthermore, had he not stopped so many times to share Christ with others he most likely would have made it home. Unfortunately, he got 30 minutes from home and had to turn around because a stuck snow plow was blocking his way. Did he let this get him now? No! He gladly forked out the money for a hotel room because he was content with his decision. He was glad to be doing the work of the Lord!

My husband’s love langue is acts of service, so it should not surprise me that he would serve the Lord by serving others.

I got a glimpse of God yesterday when my husband told me his story. There was no anger. There was no resentment or selfishness. He knew he had done what he is called to do and there was only contentment. I can clearly see how God used this situation to start healing his heart.

It is not a far stretch to say that while I got a glimpse of God, those stranded motorists got more than a glimpse when God used my husband to pour out his love on them.

Please remember to make a conscious effort to look around and see where God is showing up in your life. I just know you will be amazed.

Until next time, stay safe and God bless,


10 thoughts on “A Glimpse Of God

  1. I too have gone through many times when I feel like God has just left, but I KNOW that He hasn’t left, it’s been me and my lack of Bible study and prayer with Him. I’m going through that now, that’s why I’ve decided to lay low on my blog.
    You are right, if we just look, we can see glimpse’s of God and His love and mercy in all kinds of people and ways. You’re husband is a very godly man and he will be rewarded when he gets to heaven, for sure!
    I read your post about his mother’s passing and I’ve prayed for you all. Thanks for sharing this today.

    1. Hi Debbie, I wondered what happened to you. There are seasons in life and maybe this is your ‘germinating’ season. I pray you’ll find peace as God sows back into your heart & life of His love & mercy. Blessings, Kelly

    2. It seems you and me might be in a similar place. I haven’t been as active in my Bible studying and blogging as well. I feel God calling me back and for the first few days I had to force myself to do it and now I am starting to feel like my old self and look forward to my study time.

      I don’t know what you are going through, just know you have a friend praying for you. God bless.

      1. Thank you! God has blessed me with many new friends through blogging and I’m so thankful. I too am getting back to reading His Word and praying. Our ladies Bible studies will be starting up soon, I hope, and that really helps me, keeps me accountable. I’ve also made the decision (well, my pastor and minister of education helped push me) to close the Media Center during Sunday School so I can get back into a class. I have enjoyed the lessons so far, they have been right on. Isn’t it amazing that God knows exactly what we need and no matter what Bible study we do or now what S.S. lesson I have, it is speaking to me! Amazing!!!
        I’m glad you are feeling better and looking forward to your Bible study time too.
        You will be in my prayers too. God bless!

  2. Missy, What a set of trials! I love your perspective on this. I remember a woman reminding me a long time ago that it only takes a moment to get our heart right with God again. He’s always there, it’s us that walks away. Thankful for the grace of God and praying it will be upon your husband and you as you walk through this loss.

    1. You are definitely right about the fact that it is us who walk away. I am getting better and better about recognizing this in the midst of a battle and I am a lot quicker to get back to him. Thank you and God bless!

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