Lots of Free e-books by Beth Moore

This is the real deal. I was able to get all the books listed for free. It only took about 2 minutes to complete the transaction through Amazon. Please spread the word.

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I have found a lot of free books by Beth Moore (one of my favorite Bible Study teachers) and at first I just downloaded one, because we have the others in our church Media Center, but then I thought…it takes me a lot longer to read a non-fiction book, so I better go ahead and get these while they are free. I don’t know how long they will be free, so I advise you go ahead and download them today!  Always double check the price before downloading since prices do change suddenly.  Also, I haven’t checked to see if they are free on other e-readers, so if you have a nook, or another type of reader, you know how to check your “store” to see if they are there and if they are free.  So….here they are:

  • FREE on Kindle:  Believing God by Beth Moore
  • FREE on Kindle

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3 thoughts on “Lots of Free e-books by Beth Moore

    1. No problem. It was the fastest and easiest way for me to get the word out to all my family and friends as well. I know a few of them are very grateful for your post as well. Thanks again!

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