2013 Favorites-Favorite New-to-Me Author

Happy Monday to you all! The first significant snowfall hit my area over the weekend and, much to my surprise, I found myself enjoying it. For the first time in a long, long time, I actually went sledding with the kids. I usually let me husband have all that joy to himself, but over the last year God has shown me how many opportunities I have missed to create lasting memories with my children. I was not about to let this moment pass me by.

I guess, I am just in a reflective state these days. Over the last week, I have been replaying my year. Boy, it sure has been one giant roller coaster. I have seen my highest high and maybe even my lowest low, I am looking forward to the New Year and the blessings God has for me and my family for 2014.

No, I am not about to make my New Year’s resolution next year, but I am ready to discuss my favorites of 2013.

I think I will start off with my favorite author discovery of 2013. Now, this is not an unknown author and probably has been one of your favorites for a long time; however, I had never taken the time to read or listen to her because of all the bad press and I had even been warned away from her by several respectable “Christians”. My favorite new-to-me author is Joyce Meyer.

Now, I know she is not popular for everybody and I know she is not perfect, but there are way too many times she is dead on for me to even possibly ignore. There is no doubt in my mind that God is using this woman to change lives and lead others to a victorious life in Christ. I wish more Christians would support each other instead of tearing each other down. I know there are issues we don’t all agree on, but we can at least stand together on the big thing and that is Jesus Christ.

Joyce gets attacked a lot of times because she is Charismatic. I was raised in a Methodist church. I started my real Christian journey in a Baptist church, but did not come to fully understand or have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ until I accepted the truths regarding the Holy Spirit. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of things wrong with the Charismatic movement, but there are so many things right about it as well. I don’t want to get into some big long series on the Holy Spirit, at least not yet, but I hate to see a Christian woman attacked and ridiculed for teaching what she truly believes when there is scripture to back it up. I don’t believe there is one person who understands the Bible perfectly. Joyce Meyer is doing the best she can to understand and teach scripture. Her understanding may not be the same as yours, but who is to say who is right. It is my opinion that Joyce Meyer speaks the truth, as she understands it, with a good heart. It may be truths some don’t want to hear, but her teachings do come straight from the Bible. I have yet to find any teaching that does not have scripture to back it up. I am not saying she is right on every issue; I am saying she is a Christian woman doing her best to lead others to Christ and to raise up victorious Christians.

Ever heard the saying, “Don’t knock it until you tried it?” I think a lot of people who speak out against Joyce Meyer have not even read her books or tried to study her teachings. The gifts of the Holy Spirit is not a new teaching and not one belonging solely to Joyce Meyer. It is not like she just made this stuff up out of thin air. I have heard it said over and over “it is just not scriptural.” Well, for every verse you give me that says the gifts of the Holy Spirit are not alive and well today, I can give you two that say it is. Once again, not one of us has a perfect understanding of the Bible and therefore we will have differences of opinions from time to time.

I believe the teachings of Joyce Meyer, especially on the Holy Spirit, are truth. I believe so because I have personally experienced it and there are numerous scriptures to back it up. However, I understand that some of you are just not there yet and I respect that. I don’t consider myself more spiritual or anything else of that nature. I don’t attack authors that stand against something I believe in. Why? Because I believe these people are doing their best with the knowledge and education they have been given to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. God moves in all of our lives in different ways and as long as there is fruit on the tree (and scripture to back up their teachings), then I will believe God is using them and I refuse to stand against God. I just wish others would do the same.

I have read several of her books this year and my absolute favorite is Battlefield of the Mind. Look for the book review later this week as I am sure it will make another “favorite” list.

Until next time, stay safe and God bless,

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