Thankful Thursday (11/21/13)

It is Thankful Thursday here at Getting Real and Drawing Near, and it is time to get our praises of thanksgiving going.

Okay, I’ll go first.

Today I am thankful for the physical manifestations of God. I am thankful for the power of the trinity. I am thankful to have a pastor who taught me about the Holy Spirit, which is quite often forgotten or buried in a lot of churches. This last year in my life has been one of the best years of my life despite all the hardships because I have an intimate relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The feeling of “missing something” is finally gone and I’m excited to grow deeper and more intimate with God this next year.

Today, I am choosing to be thankful despite my current circumstances, disappointments, fears, and aggravations. I hear the Devil whispering in my ear and it ends here. I choose give thanks that my broken teeth can be fixed and that I have the money to get them fixed, even if it is an inconvenience and a cost we didn’t need before Christmas. I choose to be thankful that my husband is back to work after the storms heavily damaged his plant, even though we lost a few days worth of pay (which we didn’t need during the holidays). I choose to be thankful that my husband will be starting a better job next month, even if his shift change causes some hardships. I am thankful for all the ways God is moving, even if it is scary and uncomfortable. I choose to think positive, knowing God will work it out for all of our good.

You see, my circumstances may not be the best, but my attitude can be. It is my choice. It is yours as well.

How about you? What are you thankful for today?

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