I Have a Dream………….

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt that I was called to do something great for the Lord. Notice I said “felt called”, not I believed I was called. I struggled with the belief factor because I knew myself. I knew where I had been; I knew where I was. I did not know how I would ever be good enough to actually have any sort of ministry. But, oh how I felt it and oh how I secretly longed for it.

Last year was my break through year. I had been growing in the Lord over the last several years, but last February my life changed forever. It was then that I completely surrendered my life to Christ and said “whenever and whatever.” I not only said it, but I meant it. I still do. I want to be the woman God made me to be. I want that more than anything, so I am willing to do or go through whatever is necessary to make me that person. Yes, it is a dangerous prayer because I know it may take some painful and drastic measures, but I want it that bad. How about you? Do you want all of God? Are you willing to do “whatever it takes” to become the person God called you to be?

[I would also like to point out that it was at this time of full surrender that I was completely filled with the Holy Spirit and within a week or so my illusive calling was clarified. God finally gave me a clear dream or vision for my ministry.]

I have just started reading the book “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith” by Lysa TerKeurst (yes, I know I may seem obsessed with her books, but they are absolutely life changing and I can’t help but to want more). I have only read four chapters thus far, but I am forever changed. It is true: God does really know where we are and what we need! While God has given me my dream, the reality of it is not here yet. I still hear him tell me it is coming, but life is trying to get in the way. I so needed this book at this moment. God is so good. Can I get an amen?

It is not just what Lysa wrote, but where she led me. She led me to the story of Abraham. Yes, it is a story about faith, but it is also a story about a dream; a calling; a promise. You see, just because God gives us a dream does not mean that dream will come true right away. There is growing to be done. There is work to b done. There are seeds to be planted.

As I said at top, I am only on Chapter Four, so I don’t know where this book is going to go, but I have gotten so much just out of the story of Abraham that I have to write it now. I may cover the story of Abraham and be done with it or I may be compelled to share other stories as there are a great number of people in the bible who stepped out in faith. Which brings me to Lysa’s belief that there are 5 phases common in those people in the Bible who stepped out in faith. Those 5 phases are:

1. Leaving-in order to go to a new level of faith with God, you’ve got to leave the old behind;
2. Famine-you realize your comfort zone is gone and learn to depend on God like never before;
3. Believing-You’ve always wanted to really believe in God, but now your experience of Him becomes too real to deny.
4. Death-coming to the end of your ability to make things happen seems like death to you. But to God, this is the only way to new life with him.
5. Resurrection-in a way only He could, God makes your dream come true. Only then do you understand that real joy isn’t in the dream itself but rather in the richer faith you acquired along the way.
(What Happens When Women Walk in Faith-Kindle Edition pp. 8-10)

At the end of every chapter of “What Happens When Women Walk in Faith” are study questions. One of those questions at the end of Chapter 4 (Kindle Edition p. 46) prompted us to find Abram’s response to God in Genesis 12:4-9. This is where it got real REAL for me. Remember when I said, “it is not just what she wrote, but where she led me?” This is what I was referring to. [To best understand, tonight go back and read the story of Abraham, starting in Genesis 12 through Genesis 22.] It was there, in Genesis, that these “phases” became absolute reality for me and where I began to see those phases in regards to my own dream and my own promise. It made me wonder just how many people give up on God’s plan for their lives during one of the less fun phases,

So, tonight, go back and read the story of Abraham. Tomorrow we will start looking for Lysa’s phases in Abraham story and how that applies to our own. In addition, think about where you are in regards to your own dream, your own calling. Are you actively seeking for your calling? Do you think your know, but are waiting on confirmation? Are you waiting for some big reveal? If your calling has been confirmed are you active in your calling? Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing? I think you get my point. Take time tonight to dream a little dream. Talk to God about where you are and where you should be going.

Before we go I want to caution you against waiting for a big reveal. Yes, I did have a special moment when I was filled with the Holy Spirit, but there were a whole lot of smaller moments and milestones that led up to that moment. I cringe at how close I came to giving up because I failed to recognize the smaller moments. On the other hand, if God has already given you a dream and a plan of action, don’t hesitate to act. A wise woman recently told me that God does give second chances, but those second chances are not often as good as it could have been the first time around. I have found that to be true.

Until tomorrow, stay safe and God bless,

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