31 Days to Becoming a Better Wife: Day 31: That’s All Folks!

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Welcome to Day 31 of our 31 day journey to becoming better wives. Hip-hip-hooray!

I intended to end this study with a letter to my daughters with all the things I would want them to know about being Godly wives, but after writing Missy’s 10 Commandments, I think I would just be repeating myself. Therefore, I will be going a different route.

If you take just one thing with you from this study, I hope it is this: Being a Godly wife is not about pleasing your husband; it is about serving your loving God. It is about living out the word of God to the best of your ability.

I will admit that I was a woman who did not love God’s design for marriage nor did I really understand it. Now, I can see and appreciate His design much more. You know the saying, “it works if you work it?” Well, I think that applies here perfectly.

At the beginning of this study I posted the quiz “Are You a Good Wife.” I got a 4 the first time. I was interested to see if this study changed my score at all. I got a 6.5 today. Not a great improvement, but it is a start. How about you, any improvements? (Now, be completely honest-good intentions do not count.)

Are You a Good Wife Quiz (www.funquizcards.com)

1. Do you support your husband emotionally?

2. Do you have a supportive and encouraging nature with him?

3. Do you compliment him often?

4. Do you do small-small things to keep him happy?

5. Do you patiently listen to him if he has something to say?

6. Do you sometimes cook special dinners for him for no reason?

7. Do you take the lead sometimes in planning romantic dates with him?

8. Do you admit and apologize if your mistake causes a fight between both of you?

9. Do you shower all your love and attention on him?

10. Do you make him feel extra special on his Birthday or Valentine’s?

11. Is he the most special person in your life?

12. Would you check out other men in front of him?

13. Would you criticize him in front of others?

14. Do you genuinely feel beautiful when he compliments you?

15. Would you take part in activities that bore you, just because he likes them?

Thank you all for joining me on this journey. I pray God was able to use me to speak something into your life. All Glory and honor be to God!

I will be taking some time off. This 31 day study has kind of drained me. I plan to be back some time next week.

Until next time, stay safe and God bless,

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