Thankful Thursday: Week 37 (10/17/13)

It is Thankful Thursday yet again! Time to give praises of thanksgiving to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Last weekend my friends and I spent the weekend making over my youngest daughter’s bedroom for her 9th Birthday. It was such a busy weekend, but it reminded me just how blessed I am.

Molly 9 001Molly 9 003Molly 9 002

I am thankful my friends gave of their time to come help. Not too many people have friends like mine.
1380587_10200628438698508_1553046176_n 1378205_10200628439058517_905361162_n

I am also very thankful for my Molly Jane. There were a few moments along the way where I thought we may loose her and I honestly thank God every day for allowing us to keep her. You see, Molly was born with a huge whole in her heart. Nothing too serious, but it did require a few hospital stays and eventually, open heart surgery. She had the fastest recovery seen by the medical staff only to be hospitalized again for Staph Scalding Skin Syndrome less than a year later. It was, by far, way worse than the heart surgery as I had to watch all the skin on her body peel off and she had to have a whole team of doctors because it is not a common disease. I say all this just to say I know how bad it could of been and I am so thankful my God not only gave her to us, but has allowed us to raise her, guide her, and love her for these nine years. Every day we get to keep her, is one more than I thought we would have.

PicMonkey Collage

Molly 9 043Molly 9 042Molly 9 031

Molly 9 030Molly 9 006

How about you, what are you thankful for today?

God Bless,

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