31 Days to Becoming a Better Wife: Day 17: Submission Application

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Yesterday we finally were able to define submit (and it only took a week). Now, I think it is important to see what it looks like in real life application. Like I’ve said before, knowledge will make us smarter, but it will not change us unless we put that knowledge into action.

How to Submit to Your Husband

1. First, you must submit (humble yourself) to the ways of the Lord and fall under his authority (do what he tells you to do). You must seek to have a true relationship with God and must continuially seek Him. It is only by God’s strength that you will be able to submit and you will only get that strength by leaning on His power. Read your bible every day. Pray every day. Stop filling your mind with unwholesome garbage and fill it with his word. Make Godly choices and stop living with one foot in each world.

2. Learn and live the scriptures. You want to be a good wife? You want to be a submissive wife? Read and study Proverbs 31. There is so much there. I just finished a study (as many of you have as well) and I was so empowered. When I act as I am called to act I have so much peace I can hardly believe it. Does that mean everything goes my way and I act perfectly all the time? No! I mess up time and time again, but I keep on trying. I found that I used to be very selfish with my time, but when I understood my role as a woman (Proverbs 31) it made it easier to put my duties ahead of my selfish desires. Why? Because I love the Lord; I want to please the Lord, and I want to be the woman he made me to be.

3. Humble yourself and place your husband’s needs above your own. I know, much easier said than done. I am still working on this one. But in actuality, it should not be hard for most of us because as mothers we are used to placing our children’s needs above our own. Society tells me I should make myself happy, but the truth is that I only found my happiness when I found my Lord and began walking in his ways and changing old habits. Remember the scripture that said those who want to be first will be last but those who humble themselves and put others before themselves will be first? Live it!

4. Let your husband lead. I know we discussed this early in this study, but I think it important to remind us all again. The biggest complaint Christian women tend to have about their husbands is they do not lead. However, the joke may be on us because the reason most men do not lead is because they tried and have been shot down. Women we need a wake up call. We need to learn to let the husband rule the roost. We talked about this in day three: let him have final say, encourage him to guide spiritually, do not criticize him, encourage and support his decisions-even if he is wrong, share your thoughts and feelings but understand if he does not agree or follow your suggestions, pray always.

5. Recognize that your husband’s opinion is just as valid as yours-Things don’t always have to go the way you think they should. He is an equal part of the marriage and should have more say in what goes on. I don’t know about you, but I tend to control what my household does. I make the weekend plans. I have our schedule down to a science. I can’t remember the last time I asked him what he wanted to do for the weekend.

6. Show appreciation and respect for your husband-speak words of encouragement always. Be his cheerleader. Let him know you always have his back-even on his worst day. [We will come back to respect in the next couple of day]

I know these aren’t earth-shatterning tips, but I believe they will be a great start to your “Great Submission Mission.”

Until tomorrow, stay safe and God bless,


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