31 Days to Becoming a Better Wife: Day 13: Week 2 Review

31 Button 2Last week I stated I would be doing a weekly review to briefly go over the week and do a homework check up. This week will be a little shorter review because I didn’t give any homework. This week was a lot of intake and not a lot of output. Don’t worry, we will have much to do in week 3.

Week two was the start of the “great submission mission.’ This is always such a fun topic to cover. Not! Anyway, we began the week by trying to define submission. We looked at the Greek words and translation issues; we looked at worldly definitions, many of you gave your own definitions, but it became apparent from all the many different definitions we came up with that we had to turn to the Bible for the answer. It is my belief that in order to fully understand submission we had to look at the five areas in which we are called to submit: servant, authoritative/lawful, church, Godly, and marital submissions. We covered the first four during week two and will be covering the last one in week 3.

Servant submission-we are called to submit or serve each other. If we are all serving one another, than no one is better than another. We are called to humble ourselves. We are to think less of ourselves. We are to rid ourselves of pride in order to submit to one another. After all, Christ came down from Heaven to be a mere servant.

Authoritative/lawful submission-we are called to obey the laws of the land and all leaders or people in authority over us. God placed them in their positions and we are to follow them and respect them unless they go against God. Now some Christians can use this “exemption” to the extreme. We must be careful not to use this a blanket loop-hole. I am often reminded of the story of Daniel when this topic gets brought up. If a leader is making us choose between him and God, we must always choose God. However, just because our government passes one law we don’t like, does not negate the whole entire government.

Church Submission-God’s design for His church included a hierarchy. There were to be people looking out over the others to make sure they were all moving in the right direction. It didn’t make these people better than us regular folks. In actuality, God called them to humble themselves and said if we want to be first, we had to be last. Yes, we are to question our church leaders and even test them, but once again we must be cautious not to take it to extremes. We are to submit to God first, our church leaders, and others who have authority over us.

Godly submission-we must obey God above all others. This includes our government leaders, our pastors, our teachers, our husbands, our wives, or anyone else I forgot to mention. God is the top dog. End of story.

This coming week we will begin our discussion on marital submission. I ask that you keep an open mind and open heart for what the Lord has in store for you all. I strongly believe in what we are about to discuss. Please pray that I can communicate what He wants and how He wants.

God Bless,


One thought on “31 Days to Becoming a Better Wife: Day 13: Week 2 Review

  1. Dear Missy,

    This was a good and well-written article. Thank you for sharing it with us. When I read your writings, I want to walk closer to God. You are a blessing in my life.



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