God is Good, Oh, So Good!

Happy, Happy Friday to you all!

I am so looking forward to what God has for me this weekend as I am about to take the next step in my ministry. Focus, the Christian Band I play in, has the opportunity to lead a complete worship service at a nearby church and we will even be giving the message. Well, it looks like I will be giving the message! I am super excited about this because I know in my heart God is calling me to this and it is just the beginning of great things to come. When I say great things to come, I am in no way referring to anything within me, but rather the great things God will be doing in me and through me and my fellow band mates (because there is nothing good in us alone). God is good, oh, so good!

I have had a longing to do great things for God and it is such a blessing to see my heart’s desires come to fruition. The circumstances, conflicts, and changes in my life should have made this year a tough year by worldly standards, but it has honestly been one of the best years of my life because my relationship with God has grown by leaps and bounds. This has nothing to do with me, but everything to do with God and how he took a broken girl, healed her, and used her for his glory. [And yes, I am claiming that now] God is good, oh, so good!

I honestly struggled with sharing this with you all out of fear of sounding conceited or making it about myself. However, God quickly let me know I was to share to encourage others. If God has put a ministry on your heart or just a desire to be more and do more, hang in there; don’t give up. His promises are just around the corner. I encourage you to dig in, walk in obedience, and keep the faith. A year and a half ago or more someone prophesied that my victory was just around the corner. I see it now and I am claiming it. Your victory is here. His name is Jesus. Just hold on to his promises and he will give you the desires of your heart (if they are Godly desires). God is good, oh, so good!

While I know this is something I am called to do, I still fight the Satan’s whispers of doubt. However, I am bound and determined to let “my faith be my eyes,” and live by faith and not by sight. So, it is with my head held high that I take this next step in my ministry journey and claim victory, not for myself, but for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed weekend and until next time, stay safe and God bless,

5 thoughts on “God is Good, Oh, So Good!

  1. Bless you, girl. I, too, have been called to a ministry, and when He calls, you just have to say, “Yes!” with complete and utter abandon. Yes, fear and doubt and thirst creep in; folks will tell you it’s not possible, like that lion waiting at the door to pounce. But we both know that He is more powerful than that. Stay abiding in Him, because He is our Confidence, our Confidant, and our Living Water.

  2. So happy for you! Don’t let anything, or, anybody hinder you!!!!Humble yourself before the LORD, and, HE will direct your path. NEVER look at yourself as having done something (except obey GOD), you can do NOTHING in yourself, but, HE can/will use you in your humility!!!!I knew the first time that I heard your testimony (at the coffeehoue), the LORD would use you if you let HIM. Remember…..when you step out for the LORD, the enemy doesn’t like it, and, he will come at you full force, but, be still, and, know…….Keep your life pure, and, clean before HIM so as not to bring reproach on HIS name!!!!!!Be Blessed, and, BE a Blessing!!!!!!!Love you all!!!! Don’t EVER let jealousy in…there is enough sin in the world for all of us to minister to!!!!ALWAYS pray for the annointing!!!!That’s all Folks!!!!!LOL

    1. Oh, I didn’t receive your message until today. I wish I would have thought to record it. Ugh! Give me a day or so and I’ll post a written version to my blog. Thank you for your continual support.

      1. Thank you, Missy. I look forward to it. You were in my prayers several times yesterday morning. I am looking forward to hearing how things went.

        Jesus loves you!

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