Thankful Thursday-Week 22 (9/5/13)

It is Thursday! Woo hoo! Thursday means the weekend is on the way, but more importantly, it is a day of Thanksgiving here at “Getting Real”. What are you thankful for this week?

I am just in awe of God this week. I am blown away by the works he is doing in my life and I am so ever thankful for his grace and mercy. I am thankful that he does not give up on me when I fail and that his mercy is new every morning. I know that sounds like a bunch of Christian ease, but I truly mean it. I would not be able to do my writing, speaking, and music ministries without his grace and mercy. Each time I fail, Satan tries to convince me I am not good enough to do what God has called me to do; however, God’s voice is now much stronger than Satan’s and I refuse to listen.

I am thankful for great friends who are walking this road with me. It is much easier to stand when someone is standing beside you. I would do it without them, but it is so much easier and a lot more fun with them by my side.

Have a blessed day and don’t forget to share your thanksgivings!

Missy 🙂

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