The Proverbs 31 Woman “Gut Check”

Last Tuesday I challenged myself and all of you to go back and review the Virtuous Woman Study and see what really popped out at you. I did the review, but I have been delaying my findings simply because I didn’t want to face it. I still don’t.

[I know this going to sound completely conceited, but I rather enjoyed rereading the study and found it really encouraging. Yes, I noticed a few grammatical errors that I will have to go back and fix, but overall I was moved by the study. I was ready to jump back on the horse and try again. Well, that was until, my fleshy self took over and my pride swelled up. You see, I want to follow God when I feel like it; I want to be a virtuous woman so long as my husband deserves to have a virtuous wife; I want to walk in obedience when obedience comes easily or naturally.]

Overall, the biggest thing that jumped out at me this time around was that we are called to be virtuous women and bring good to our husbands all the days of our lives even when the circumstances do not warrant it. This is where God got me. You see, I having be struggling with applying my findings because (oh, how do I say this respectively) my husband is not acting like himself these days. He is not in the best of spirits, which makes it really hard for me to be the woman I know God wants me to be. It is too easy for me to go tit for tat with my husband instead of swallowing my pride and doing what is right. Even in the moment, I know I am wrong, but for some reason I choose to ignore it. What we all must remember is that we are all responsible for our own actions and cannot control the actions of others (if any of you know my husband you know just how true those words Therefore, if I choose to walk contrary to God’s word, in willful disobedience, then I must be willing to reap the consequences of my sin.

In addition, I realized I tend to get so boggled with the everyday mundane activities that I forget to implement what God laid on me in my writings. If I am not quick to make my new “findings” a habit, they tend to get lost in the chaos that is my life. I am a “list” kind of gal, so I have decided to make a list of things I need to be doing as a virtuous woman and ways I can implement them. I am challenging myself to look over it every day until it because ingrained in my brain.

As a virtuous wife, I will do the following:

1. Accept my role as helpmate, wife, and mother as defined in the bible and act accordingly; therefore, I will submit to my husband and make every effort possible to remind myself that I was designed to be his helper and not the other way around. Furthermore, I will not try to lead my husband for that is the job of the Holy Spirit and evidently he doesn’t need two.

2. I will be intentional in my actions towards my husband

I will bring good to my husband every day by speaking words of encouragement;
I will lift him up, not tear him down;
I will listen to his stories about work whether I understand them or not;
I will bite my tongue and not tell him what to do or how to do it;
I will choose to love him even if he is acting unlovable; and
I will pray for him each and every day.

3. I will make my family the #1 priority in my life after God and I will take pleasure in doing so;

4. I will be financially responsible, make wise purchases, and live within our means to lessen the burdens on my husband;

5. I will work hard not only at my job but around the house.
-beds made before school
-dishes and laundry done each day
-deep clean once a week
-make sure supper is made every night and do a family devotion along with the meal
-help Molly with her homework and reading
-Plan Molly’s lunch schedule and pack her lunch the night before she is going to take it
-Get all necessary dates on calendar
-plan dinner menu along with who is cooking and when;

(The kids and husband will help me with all of these things-but I will be the one to organize it all)

6. I will get up at 5AM every workday and go to bed by 11PM every work night.

7. I will limit my “me” time to make sure I am spending my time wisely.

-4 hours a week on TV time (unless it is a family night or special occasion)
-1 hour each night to do something just for myself
(read for fun, take a long bubble bath, paint my nails, etc.)
-Band practice one a week (unless we are preparing for a “gig”);
-Limit the amount of time I spend at the church and away from the family
(need to make sure we get to the children’s activities and they don’t feel less important than
the church)
-work out during my lunch hour so not to take any time away from the family

8. I will try to be careful of my words and actions outside of our home seeing as what I do and say is a direct reflection on my husband.
9. I will allow God’s grace to cover me when I fail and get up and try again.

This list is not set in stone. It is a mere guideline to help me remember the things I should be doing. I know this list does not cover everything, but Rome was not built in a day. I encourage you all to continue one with me on this journey of becoming a virtuous woman. I know it is not easy, but I know it will be well worth the effort.

Until next time, stay safe and God bless,


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