Thankful Thursday-Week 20 (8/22/13)

It is Thursday..and that means it is a day of thanksgiving here at “Getting Real”. I like to use this day to examine my week to see just how God is working in my life and then give him a shout of praise.

This week, I would have to say I am most thankful for God’s omniscience and even more thankful when he shares a little bit of his knowledge and understanding with me. You see, over the last year and half I have been in the midst of a trial. I didn’t understand it; I don’t like it; I want it over. Deep down I always knew God was going to use it for good because the scriptures say so [Roman 8:28, Jeremiah 29:11]; however, it doesn’t help me to like it any better. After reviewing the changes that have come throughout 2013, I clearly see what God saw and now understand why I have to go through what I am going through. I am better for this struggle; I am more prepared for the ministry God has for me; my faith is stronger because I walked through the fire and was not burned.

I am so very thankful I can rely on God’s omniscience seeing as he does know what is best for me and knows what it will take to get me where he is leading me. I used to think God would just change me. It would be automatic and wouldn’t have to do anything, but that is simply unrealistic. We have to do the changing; we have to make the right choices. After all, you can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink.

My trial is not over. I know there is more struggle to come, but I have faith that God will use it for my good. Contrary to the warnings of friends, my prayer to God for the last two years has been “whatever it takes to make into the person I am called to be.” Some have warned me that I should not say “whatever” because God can allow some pretty horrific stuff to happen. My answer to the naysayers is, “When I say whatever, I mean it. If that horrific circumstance is the only thing that will make me into the person I was made to be, then I say bring it because I honestly and truly want to be the person God made me to me.” I would not be totally surrendered to the will of God if I laid down a lot of contingencies or stipulations to my prayers. If I say “whatever” and then add a whole lot of “but not this and, wait, not that either,” I am not trusting God and my faith is lacking.

Thank you Lord for your omniscience. Thank you for sharing with me this week a little glance of your knowledge and preparing me for what is to come. I love you and I praise you today and always. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, AMEN!

How about you? What is God doing in your life?

Until tomorrow, stay safe and God bless,


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