A Virtuous Woman is an Entrepreneur

Proverbs 31:24 (NLT): She makes belted linen garments and sashes to sell to the merchants.

Proverbs 31:24 (NIV): She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies the merchants with sashes.

Proverbs 31:24 (NKJ): She makes linen garments and sells them, and supplies sashes for the merchants.

Proverbs 31:24(KJV): She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.

Once again we see that a virtuous woman is a business woman who helps provide an income for her family. Now, I know we have covered most of this in previous posts, so I won’t dally her long, but I hope you see how important this topic is to God seeing as he repeats it over and over throughout Proverbs 31.

Virtuous women are not lazy. They work diligently to raise their children, take care of their husbands, and help provide financially. I strongly believe the set up of the virtuous woman’s household as found in Proverbs 31 was God’s intended model for us, but somewhere along the way, we drifted off course. Most would blame it on women’s lib, but I think it goes much deeper than that. I think men got lazy as well. Gasp! I am serious. I think they found it was much easier on them having a wives who work. It helped to alleviate the pressures of having to be the sole financial provider. Yes, in the past women did part-time jobs such as selling beauty products, Tupperware, etc., but the main responsibility fell on the husband. When women started being taken seriously in the workforce, I think a lot of men felt they no longer had to work so hard. This is also where I believe the balance started shifting in the home. Ladies, let’s face it; society is set up to have a two income household and most of us can’t afford to stay home even if we wanted to. Our young women go off to college, get a degree, and are burdened with so many student loans that they too will not be able to stay home and raise their children. I would like to see this change. I would like to see women staying home and raising their families once again. I am not knocking those of us who work (myself included), I just want families to have a choice. I know my opinions are not very popular, but I would love to see America get back to its biblical roots.

Also, the placement of verse 23 (as discussed Wed.) makes a little more sense to me now in light of this passage. I didn’t catch it at first, but I think I might have found a connection, so please bare with me a moment. Wednesday’s verse stated that a virtuous woman’s husband was well-respected and sat with the elders looking over the affairs of the community. Often times when someone is well-respected and holds an important job, pride steps in. That person or someone close to that person may begin to think of themselves as better than or above certain things. The virtuous woman did not fall to this sin, but continued to do what she could do to provide for her family. I truly believe God was warning us against thinking ourselves better than we ought. [I know it sounds conceited or ridiculous, but I have to say it..God was right after all..that verse truly goes there and was not just a miscommunication or a mistake in translations..hehehe]

Well, I do like short and simple! It doesn’t happen very often, so I’ll take it where I can get it.

Have a great weekend and until next time, stay safe and God bless,



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