Thankful Thursday-Week 16 (7/25/13)

Today is Thankful Thursday and I am sure thankful the weekend is just around the corner! I know some of you are going through some difficult times and some of you are working on auto-pilot, but we all have something to be thankful for, so let’s share God’s goodness and mercies!

This past week or two has been an amazing journey for me in regards to my Christian growth. I am just flabbergasted by the work and transformation that has occurred in my life since I spent a few days at the Whitehorse Women’s Conference in February. I am still learning and growing in my knowledge of the Holy Spirit and I am so thankful my eyes were opened!

In March, I went to another conference and one of the pastors shared a song that his son had some part in. I believe his son may be in the band, but I am not 100% positive. Anyway, this song stuck with me and I quickly looked it up on U-Tube and have been listening to it regularly since. This last week or so, I have been hearing the song on K-Love and it has just touched my soul once again and reminded me of how much the world needs to know not just the Father and the Son, but the Holy Spirit as well.

So, today I am thankful for the Holy Spirit, the work he has done in me, and great music that touches the soul! What are you thankful for?

Until later today, stay safe and God bless,


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