The Top Ten Reasons YOU Might Be A Pharisee

The Top Ten Reasons You Might Be A Pharisee:

10. You place great value in traditions, religious ceremonies, etc., and any violations of said practices interferes with your ability to worship or pay attention to the service;

9. You believe your church or denomination leaders have the right to add extra rules and regulations, not found in the Bible, to prevent harm to the church or its people or to make the church more spiritual.

8. You spend all your time with other Christians or “like-minded” people;

7. You live in a state of comparison and believe your sins are not as bad as most;

6. Acts of service and outward obedience are very important to your Christian walk and you expect to be recognized for all your hard work and sacrifices;

5. You believe your beliefs or your church’s doctrine is 100% correct and you will not listen to anyone with opposing viewpoints;

4. You speak on spiritual principles and truths that you yourself do not practice;

3. You are quick to call other people out on their sins and share their faults with others;

2. You believe your obedience or disobedience will determine where you spend eternity;

The #1 Reason you might be a Pharisee (drum roll please)………………………………………………………………………..


I will admit that I had fun coming up with this list. I will go even further and admit that when I first decided to write on this topic, I was doing so for the benefit of others. Isn’t it funny how quickly God can turn the tables on us?

Yep, as you might suspect, through this study, I realized that I can have the spirit of a Pharisee. Notice how I said (wrote) “spirit of”. I did so because actual Pharisees (members of a Jewish sect of the intertestamental period noted for strict observance of rites and ceremonies of the written law and for insistence on the validity of their own oral traditions concerning the law)no longer exist in modern-day; however, their characteristics or spirits live on. Over the course of the next week we will be examining those characteristics, which I have managed to breakdown into four categories, but before we get into all that I would like to share a quick overview of the Pharisees of Jesus’ time.

There were two main “political” parties among the Jews in the days of Jesus. The Pharisees were the Republican or conservative party and they were revered by the common Jewish people for their strict following of the law and outwardly religious dedication. The Sadducees were the democratic or liberal party among the Jewish upper class. Did you notice the difference between modern-day and past “republicans” and “democrats?” It is commonly believed that modern-day republicans represent the upper class and the modern-day democrats are more for the common people. While the Sadducees were clearly a prominent party back in the day and often rebuked along with the Pharisees, their influence does not appear to be as strong through the ages as the Pharisee’s influence; therefore, the rest of this study will be devoted to the Pharisees.

The Pharisees were revered by the Jewish people because they appeared to be super religious and devoted. They were well versed in the Bible, could quote scriptures on command, and seemed to live their whole lives for God. They were experts in the law and were very zealous and diligent in carrying out their laws and expected others to do the same. So what went wrong? Why did Jesus and John the Baptist use such strong words to rebuke such a religious group? It is my prayer that by the end of this study we will not only know the answers to those questions, but be able to use that knowledge to avoid the same pitfalls.

I encourage you all to join me on this journey. I am not trying to sound conceited or brag, but my eyes were honestly opened through this study, and I believe it will be beneficial to all who read it.

Until tomorrow, stay safe and God bless,



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