You Had Me at Goodbye: Book Review

you had me

You Had Me at Goodbye by Tracey Bateman

Dancy Ames is a quintessential Fifth Avenue Princess and the heroine of this Christian Romantic Comedy. While she may be a rich girl with a nice trust fund, she is not afraid of work and finds great fulfillment as an editor in a top New York publishing house. However, Dancy seems to be on a run of bad luck beginning when she was passed over as senior editor in favor of Englishman Jack Quinn, who just so happens to be her brother’s best friend from college. Dancy knows she is supposed to hate him but she can’t help herself from being captivated by his Hugh Grant looks and personality . Her battle only worsens when she is let go from her publishing house at his direction. Dancy must now decide what to do with the rest of her life? Does she look for another job as an editor or finish writing her novel she has begun as a sort of hobby? To top this all off, her mom and dad drop some unexpected news and complicate her life even further. As her world crumbles around her, Dancy finds herself on a journey of self discovery, but more importantly she finds herself on a path with all roads leading to God. Will she continue to do it her way or will she learn to trust in God and the plans he has for her?

If you like romantic novels or chic lit, this book is for you. I will admit this genre is not my favorite, but I couldn’t help but smile as I read this book. Tracey Bateman was able to create a heroine that was real but likable. I also really liked Jack and thought the two were great for each other. However, I did have a few problems with the story. One being that I felt the Christian angle was just added in to be able to be called Christian fiction. It did not seem to be a major plot in the story. Second, I found the run around between Dancy and Jack to be tedious. I mean, did Dancy ever listen to what Jack was saying? How many miscommunications as such can you possibly have in one relationship? Third, the whole Cate Able thing was so predictable. Fourth, I thought the supporting characters were not real rounded nor did their plots necessarily add to the story, especially Sheri. *SPOILER ALERT* I mean, did she really like Jack or not? How can she be all over him one minute and the next she is devoted to her finance? In addition, could her parents be that self absorbed? I guess rich people can really act like that, but it frustrated me none the less.

I did enjoy this book as a fun little read, but it was definitely no page turner. It is something I would pick up if I was in the mood for a light fun story with a little humor and romance. I would also like to mention that this is the second book in the “drama queens” series. I have not read the first or the third books (which I can’t believe I read a book out of order-I never do that), but I plan to read them in the future (just not anytime to soon). I give the book three stars (***) .

Have a blessed day!

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