Thankful Thursdays-Week 2

I don’t know about you all, but I am so thankful it is Thursday! Just a reminder for those who are reading my blog for the first time, Thursdays here at “Getting Real” are dedicated to giving thanks. It is a day I have set aside to reflect on the many blessings God has bestowed on me in my life and in my week. I encourage you all to share your thanksgivings as well.

It has been a hard week for our country and I encourage us all to keep on praying. With all eyes on Boston and West Texas in light of the tragic events, it is easy to get discouraged. It is not my intention to make light of the tragic events in Boston and West Texas; my heart goes out to everyone who has lost a loved one, the injured, the scared, and the lost. But, today, I want us to focus on the One who brings hope, who is the light in the midst of darkness, who is our comforter, and who gives us peace.

Today I am thankful that my mother raised me in church. I have a firm foundation in Christ based on my early years in the church. I have never doubted there was a God. The question never entered my mind. I discounted those early years for a long time because I was focused on what I didn’t get that I didn’t see the foundation that was set. I took it for granted. Many of my co-workers are Jewish and we have discussed our religions many times. I believe my co-workers are Jewish because their parents are Jewish. They don’t have a strong attachment to their religion, they participate to make their family happy. I have friends of other religions and have been told directly that the only reason they are of that religion is because they were raised that way. I often wonder if I would have found my way to Jesus if I was brought up in a different religion. It causes me to pray harder for my co-workers and friends of other religions.

I know that particular thanksgiving seems peculiar in light of what has happened in our country this week, but God laid it so strong on my heart. I guess it is because I am so thankful that I have a relationship with Jesus Christ who gives me hope in times of great worry and sorrow. I can’t imagine living in this world without him.

Lord, I come to you today to give you praise for being my Lord and Savior, for being my light in this dark world, for giving me peace in times of great strife, for giving my hope when all hope seems lost. I thank you for a mother who took me to church where I received my foundation in you. I ask that you be with all those affected by the tragic events in Boston and West Texas. May they feel your hand on them; may they feel your love; may these events lead them to a closer walk with you. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN!

So today, let us shine His light and share some thanksgivings and remind everyone how great our God really is.


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